Border guard life in China: what’s it like?

Coast guardsmen conducted a pedestrian inspection of the China-Mongolian boundary river under the extreme cold weather of minus 40°C (-40°F).

Coast guardsmen inspecting a 30-kilometer section of the China-Mongolia border in Gansu. The highest temperature in summer is over 50°C and the lowest temperature in winter is -40°C. It is recognized by UN as a place not suitable for human settlement.

Tediousness in the coast guard is a great learning experience and life builder.

Just before the Chinese New Year, the temperature in Tibet’s Ali region has dropped to minus 32 degrees Celsius.

Along the frozen Chinese northern border by Russia, cellphones can fail to work outside after a half-hour and a bottle of beer can explode because of freezing.

Coast guardsmen patrol the boundary river constantly to make sure it is secure and well under control.

Hiding in grass for days and nights is routine job for coast guardsmen.

In the border areas, you can definitely meet awesome people and serve your country.

The coast guard is increasingly using UASs to expand its reach.

In the early morning, the Chinese sailors stationed in the Yongxing Island in Xisha patrolled the island, one of four big island groups in the South China Sea.

Coast guardsmen need to meet various duty requirements.

It is one of the most challenging, yet rewarding jobs!
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