CMA released 2013’s first high-temperature level Ⅱ emergency warning


Consolidated Report by According to the news release of the China Meteorological Administration (CMA), in response to the recent and coming hot weather, this year’s first meteorological disaster (high temperature) level Ⅱ emergency warning was released today by CMA.

Central Meteorological Observatory predicted, from July 30 to August 8, larger range hot weather with daily maximum temperature exceeding 35 ℃ will show up in Southern Yangtze area and Chongqing as well as other places. Among which, high temperatures will sustain in parts of Southern Yangtze area for up to 5-8 days, some cities may witness historically extreme high temperatures. Central Meteorological Station has issued orange warning for four consecutive days against hot weather.

Weather experts suggested that the public shall avoid outdoor activities during the afternoon. Necessary protective measures shall be prepared to protect the elders, weak, sick, young populations; necessary measures shall be done to better protect operating personnel under outdoor or high temperature conditions.

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