Classic quotes of movie “Finding Mr.Right, Anchoring in Seattle” 1/4

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The recently popular Chinese movie “Finding Mr.Right, Anchoring in Seattle (北京遇上西雅图) depicts a cross-nation love between a “money-worship girl” Wen Jia Jia (played by Tang Wei) and the driver Frank (played by Wu Xiubo). Started from quarrels, then learned from each other, spark of love changed the fate of the two…

Here are some classic quotes:

Along as we live in each other’s heart, death is not separation.

He may not take me to the yachts, having French meals. But he can cross a few blocks to buy my favorite milk fritters every morning. He is the best man in the world, having a baby with the one you love is the happiest thing for a woman in the whole life.

Wealth of a man is not the key, but find someone who cherish you.

I have plenty of bags, I got bags in my birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Women’s Day, and even Children’s Day….. I got only damn bags.

Try hard to make my shoulder stronger, only then I can meet the one I love, and then tell him, I’m ready for the love from heaven.

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