Classical Chinese philosophy and stories: Yangbu and his dog(杨布打狗)

In the ancient China, there were two brothers, Yangzhu (elder) and Yangbu. The two were good at writing poems thus they had a lot of friends.

One day, younger brother Yangbu went to visit one of his friends. He wore a white cloth and went out in the morning. The weather turned and rained in the half way. He was wetted thoroughly in the rain. When he arrived at his friend’s house, his friend gave him a black cloth wearing which he came back home in the late afternoon.

When Yangbu arrived home, his dog barked at him. Yangbu was angry and he took up a broom and was about the beat the dog. Yangbu’s elder brother came over and stopped him and said “you can’t blame on the dog, you went out in white but came back in black. If you were the dog, will you able to distinguish?”

The story is simple, but the lesson can be significant. For example, a boss’s attitude toward an employee can change and show little respect, it is easy for the employee to become angry and feel being discriminated. But are there any changes in the employees before the boss changes the attitude? Not many of us can realize the changes happened to ourselves that may lead to the changes of others.

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