Classic quotes of TV drama: A Beautiful Daughter-in-Law Era (媳妇的美好时代) episode 22/36


A Beautiful Daughter-in-Law Era (媳妇的美好时代) is a Chinese emotional drama which talks about an ordinary family life in urban areas in China. The story involves two households connected by marriage and explores the contemporary urban family relationship, and the new concept of marriage among the young generation born in 1980s. It is necessary to learn that due to the high housing price and fact of overcrowded urban areas in China, living together with parents after marriage becomes a common problem for many young couples, thus the story is quite real life style in China reflecting people’s true feeling sensed in every day life. Let’s share some classic quotes found in this classic Chinese TV drama:

You rejection is the greatest seduce.

What is her goodness? She’s like a bus, everyone get on.

You went out in the morning in a set of clothes, came back in another, what happened to you? You got robbed outside?

I have put the relationship between the two of us three-layer underground (very clear).

As long as women become serious, all of them are paragons.

If you don’t exist, how Doudou will know a good man shall look like me?

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