Classic quotes of movie American Dreams in China (中国合伙人) 5/6

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Movie Synopsis:

American Dreams in China, China’s first movie masterwork describing the Chinese venture legendary, it was directed by the famous Hong Kong director Peter Chan and jointly produced by China Film Group Corporation and We Productions Co.,Ltd. and performed by Huang Xiaoming, Deng Chao, Tong Dawei and other powerful lineup. The movie tells about the three Chinese young men’s study, friendship and story of starting the pioneering English training school, the time scale is from 1980s to present. The film shooting scenes are in China as well as in New York. It transmits the young Chinese people’s American Dreams in their mind to change their fate by creating their own business. Let’s share some classic quotes found in this new Chinese movie:

街上卖鸡蛋的都比你挣得多,要不然你跟我合伙吧! 有鸡吃我就干.
Those selling eggs in streets earn more than you, why not partner with me to do some business? I do, so long as I have eggs to eat.

Are you still a loser now?

The most important characteristic in our generation is ……resilience.

For long I had been pursuing difference, but I later discovered that ordinary life is the best choice.

True emotions come quietly, with no suffering.

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