Classic quotes of movie To Youth (致青春) 1/4

to youth7
The newly on-screen movie “To Youth (致青春)” directed by Zhao Wei tells about stories and sentiments about youth. Youth is the most precious memories for everyone, it contains laughter, pain, growth, transformation, it is the most beautiful melody for everyone. Let’s share some classic quotes found in this new Chinese movie:

Youth is limited, we can’t let it go with hesitation and watching.

A lot of things, like a balloon, looks beautiful, but you can not poke it, “bang” and then nothing.

Why the feelings in the human world cannot be like doing the foundation, dig a hole, and stand a pile, all the piles find their holes, there is no disappointment, no failure, no regret and never get nothing in the end.

My life is like one building and I have only once chance to build it, I must make it extremely accurate, no one centimeter deviation. Thus I was too nervous, and was afraid to take even one wrong step.

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