Classic quotes of movie To Youth (致青春) 3/4

to youth8
The newly on-screen movie “To Youth (致青春)” directed by Zhao Wei tells about stories and sentiments about youth. Youth is the most precious memories for everyone, it contains laughter, pain, growth, transformation, it is the most beautiful melody for everyone. Let’s share some classic quotes found in this new Chinese movie:

In this world, no one can really share the pain with another person.

Go to hell, what so call “eventually lost youth”, I bet on eternity this time!

Because there have been ups and downs of love, we can enjoy and be satisfied with the following ordinary happiness.

she came to, she loved, she worked hard, getting is luck while losing is fate. For sure, we did not believe in fate when we were young.

The tears are useless liquid, those shedding tears are lamentable.

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