Classic quotes of movie “Finding Mr.Right, Anchoring in Seattle” 4/4


The recently popular Chinese movie “Finding Mr.Right, Anchoring in Seattle (北京遇上西雅图) depicts a cross-nation love between a “money-worship girl” Wen Jia Jia (played by Tang Wei) and the driver Frank (played by Wu Xiubo). Started from quarrels, then learned from each other, spark of love changed the fate of the two…

Here are some classic quotes:



Wen Jiajia: What is the meaning by Decent Room?
Mrs Huang: Decent Room is without bathroom, room with bathroom is called suite room.
Wen Jiajia: How can a room with no bathroom be decent?

(Frank helped Wen Jiajia to fill in a form in hospital) Wen Jiajia: ah, good English, you know even the “back of the head”.

(Frank bought fish using credit card) Wen Jiajia: US $8.5, be careful to the credit limit.

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