Classic quotes of movie “Finding Mr.Right, Anchoring in Seattle” 3/4

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The recently popular Chinese movie “Finding Mr.Right, Anchoring in Seattle (北京遇上西雅图) depicts a cross-nation love between a “money-worship girl” Wen Jia Jia (played by Tang Wei) and the driver Frank (played by Wu Xiubo). Started from quarrels, then learned from each other, spark of love changed the fate of the two…

Here are some classic quotes:

The dog is not an issue, Obama daughter is allergic to dog hair as well.

“why you want to be a doctor when you are 42-year-old?” “To find my life back.”

我们离婚吧,因为你已经不在我心里了。 爱情本身就是奢侈品……是可遇不可求的玩意儿。
Let’s get a divorce, you are not in my heart. Love itself is luxury …… you can only find it by chance.

(Wen Jia Jia had been waiting in the airport gate for Frank to pick her up, it’s been a long time) “give me your address, so I can hold a sign to pick you up.”

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