City treasure hunter in China: 4,000 yuan per month


The three men are from Guangxi Province and specialized in making money from the most secret treasury in the cities. They are known among the insiders as “City treasure hunter(捞金人).”

10 years ago, the three of them were sewer repairmen. Once one of them plucked three 1-yuan coins from the blockages, and thus came up the idea of ​​making money by collecting the deserted coins. In their understanding, people come and go every day, there must be a lot of people throw away coins accidentally, and most of these coins will be washed away and accumulated in the sewer. They used a steel hook, magnet spoon as well as other tools to collect the deserted money in the cities. For 10 years, they traveled around the major cities; on average they are able to “earn” more than 4,000 yuan (US$ 640) per month.

Source: 大河网-河南商报

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