Chinese Yun -20 heavy equipment transporter: New photos exposed

Yun -20 heavy equipment transporter1

Yun -20 heavy equipment transporter2 Yun -20 heavy equipment transporter3 Yun -20 heavy equipment transporter4 Yun -20 heavy equipment transporter5 Yun -20 heavy equipment transporter6

Photo source: online

Yun -20  heavy equipment transporter is the new generation heavy military transport aircraft independently developed by People’s Republic of China. The aircraft was co-developed and manufactured by China Aviation Industry Corporation and Xi’an Aircraft Industry Group. Its design prototypes include aerodynamic shape and body structure of the Russian Il-76 aircraft as well as some features of the U.S. C-17. Compared with the Ilyushin Il-76, the Yun -20 achieves improvement in term of engines and electronic equipment, and also the load is increased.

Chinese name: 运-20重型运输机(Yun -20 heavy equipment transporter)

Foreign Name: Y-20

R & D Country: People’s Republic of China

Type: military & heavy equipment transporter

R & D units: AVIC Xi’an Aircraft Industry Group Corporation

First flight time: January 26, 2013

Model Features: Turbofan Jet Engine

Maximum road: 60 tons

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