Chinese webmasters at the cross road of the mobile Internet


Sponsored by Discuz! the China Internet Webmaster Annual Meeting had gone through eight years. The General Assembly of the meeting has witnessed the growth of the domestic Internet grassroots every year. But this year, the webmaster annual meeting will officially change its name to “entrepreneurs meeting”, the group of Internet practitioners with most obvious local characteristics are facing a new upgrading and transformation.

When embracing the mobile Internet has become a consensus, the problem is “how to do”. CEO of Tencent social networking business group, President of the General Assembly first gave the answer: “the entrepreneurial opportunities exist in the vertical field. O2O, taxi applications or multimedia social, vertical applications can still find a lot of development opportunities. Web masters shall take full advantage of the mobile opportunity, offer the new services based on the community form.

Sougou CEO Wang Xiaochuan concluded three major entrepreneurs chances under the mobility trend: gaming, O2O, large platforms and application development based on the large platforms.

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