Chinese Vice Premier: dialogue is better than confrontation, quarrel is better than fight

Consolidated Report by In the joint opening ceremony of the fifth U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue, Vice Premier Wang Yang of the People’s Republic of China suggested that “Sino-US relation is the world’s most important bilateral relationship. In 2009, the two heads of the states jointly initiated strategic and economic dialogue mechanism between the two countries as an important platform to enhance mutual trust, expand cooperation, and mitigate differences. For four years, the two sides communicate around the overall, long-term, strategic issues, and thus ensure the ship of China-US relations advancing in the right direction.”

He also stressed that “Throughout the history of the world, dialogue is better than confrontation between nations, quarrel is better than fights. Before the Sino-US diplomatic relation was formally established, the two countries did not have any formal contacts, mutual accusations often happened which did not solve any problems. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the United States, especially after China’s accession into the WTO (World Trade Organization), the two sides have increasingly close contacts in various levels and in various forms of dialogue; though quarrels and debates still exist but the both of us are still benefited from the exchanges. Since the 2008 the international financial crisis, the bilateral trade volume between China and the US increased from $ 333.7 billion to nearly $ 500 billion in 2012. The achievements of the bilateral communications are obvious. Practice has proved that, maintaining long-term dialogue between the two big countries is not only a blessing to the people in the two countries, but also a blessing to world peace.”

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