Chinese tourists per capita consumption in the US ranked first: Known as walking wallet

Now, in the eyes of U.S. businesses, Chinese tourists are the most popular; they traveled to the United States for generous spending. According to the latest official data, last year nearly 1.1 million Chinese tourists visited the US, the growth rate was ranked the first among the top ten source markets; Chinese tourists’ per capita consumption was up to $ 7,000 which was also ranked the first in all overseas visitors, $2,500 more than the Japanese tourists who were ranked the second place.

According to reports, Chinese tourists are attracted to buy designer clothes, shoes and handbags, as well as houses! According to th Armani flagship store on Fifth Avenue’s shopping guide, Chinese tourists’ spending has grown rapidly in recent years which is now accounting for 1/3 of the store sales.

U.S. Travel Association President Roger Road, said Chinese tourists are “walking wallets, everyone finally pulls a suitcase full of American goods back to China”. U.S. media concluded: Chinese tourists stay in poor hotels, eat cheap food but buy luxury goods.

Source: People’s Daily

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