Chinese Theme of World Environment Day 2013: Work Together, Share the Breathing

Chinese Theme of World Environment Day 2013

According to the Ministry of Environment Protection of the PRC (MEP), the Chinese theme of the 2013 World Environment Day (June 5) is: Work Together, Share the Breathing (同呼吸 共奋斗), which is to build a beautiful China and release and transmit the information that everyone’s responsibility to contribute to a blue sky with quality air for shared breathing.

The official said that main considerations behind the them are:

  1. To highlight the current efforts to promote the prevention and treatment of PM2.5 issues by focusing on the air pollution prevention and control work;
  2. To positive response to the concerns and expectations of the people on environmental issues;
  3. To advocate whole society to work together, to act together, to actively participate in the actions of prevention and control of atmospheric pollution;
  4. To get everyone involved, and to focuse on conservation and echo the world theme which is THINK.EAT.SAVE.

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