A Chinese student join the United Nations

zhangrui un staff
Zhang Rui standing outside the United Nations in Geneva

From an ordinary high school student to a doctorial student in London University, a girl born in the 1985 in Wuhan City, Zhang Rui has finally fulfilled her dream which lasted for many years: to work in the United Nations.

Zhang Rui graduated from high school in Wuhan, Hubei Province, she was admitted to the Beijing Foreign Studies University. After graduation, she got a RMB 300,000 (USD 48,000) scholarship offered by the Ivy League Cornell University. Today, Zhang Rui has a dual role, both as the PhD of University of London and also the United Nations staff.

Multiple skills and interests

Painting, playing chess, playing the piano, violin and music; swimming, tennis, table-tennis, skateboard Zhang Rui is good at all these activities since she was a child.

Reporter asked in curiosity: Study usually occupies a lot of time, how can you develop all these interests?

“I have to thank my parents who never pressed me to stay focused on study”, she said. From the primary school, when a number of other children were doing math and learning English, she came home from school and practiced calligraphy with her mum, listened to her mother’ stories telling, and she used to play and swim with her dad in the weekends. Parents’ pay more attention to the cultivation of quality education.

The United Nation position that she had requested for

Zhang Rui has always wanted to be a staff in the United Nation like many other Chinese students. In 2009, she published a book “forge – a girl approaching the United Nations”. At that time, she was still far way from the United Nations. But the girl made ​​no secret of her “ambition”. Now, she finally realized this dream. “I requested for this opportunity.” said Zhang Rui. At that time University of London recommended several outstanding students to the United Nations but there was only one position and the competition is high. She boldly called to Geneva directly to get an interview opportunity, with multi-language skills and a solid foundation, she was successfully recruited.

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