Chinese self-developed ​​army weapons and equipment: Three generations of development

china army development
Since the founding of P.R.China, the country’s self-developed army ​​weapons and equipment go through three generations of development.

The first generation of equipment was the localization of aided equipment from Soviet during the 1950s, including 59-medium tank following the T-54,  59- 130mm cannon which was imitation of M-46, 540152mm howitzers following the D-1, 56 semi-automatic, SKS carbine rifle. The first generation of domestically produced equipment brought great contribution to the military equipment production localization.

Second-generation equipments were developed in 1970s and 1980s, with the digestion and absorption of imported technology, they were based on the first-generation equipment the technical personnel with improvement made in the major combat indicators. The representatives of the second-generation weaponry included 88-main battle tanks, 85-armored vehicles, 92-wheeled armored vehicles, 83-152 mm self-propelled howitzers, 81-assault rifles, the red flag-7 short-range air defense missile.

The third generation of the Chinese military equipments was developed in the 1990s which lasts today, including 96-main battle tanks, 99-main battle tanks, new light tanks, 04-tracked infantry fighting vehicles, 09 eight infantry fighting vehicles, 05 amphibious infantry fighting vehicles, 03-300 mm long-range rockets, 05-155 mm self-propelled howitzers, 07-122 mm self-propelled howitzers, 95-assault rifle, the red flag-16A medium-range air defense missile, the red flag -17 highly mobile air defense missiles.

After assimilating the Western technology imported since the 1970s and a large amount of technical support for Russia, Ukraine and other countries after the collapse of the Soviet Union, a big improvement in the performance of the domestic third generation of weapons and equipment than the second generation. It is believed that the overall combat effectiveness of the domestic third generation of weapons and equipments exceeded Russia, France and Germany and only behind the U.S. military in some areas.

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