Chinese premier Li Keqiang: EU anti-dumping and countervailing investigations will lead to lose-lose situation

On 24 May (local time of Switzerland), Chinese premier Li Keqiang attended a luncheon (午餐会) with local economic and financial community and made a speech.

Li Keqiang said that China opposed any form of trade protectionism, the fact that EU launched anti-dumping and countervailing investigations against Chinese PV products and wireless communication devices, it would undermine China’s related industries, enterprises and employment, can also damage the vital European users and consumers interests leading to lose-lose situation. Thus China firmly opposed trade protectionism in the market.

Li pointed out that in the current economic environment, countries should strive to maintain stable and open international trade environment, trade remedy measures shall be adopted with caution. China has consistently advocated to solve trade frictions through dialogue and consultations, and hoped that the EU can properly handle the two cases (trade frictions over PV and wireless communications equipment), and maintain the overall situation of China-EU trade and safeguard the overall situation of trade liberalization.

Source: 京华时报

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