Chinese online media launched an initiative to boycott uncivilized traveling behaviors

To better protect cultural heritage, enhance the cultural quality of civic tourism, and create a healthy and civilized tourism environment, China Online, the CNS, Youth Net, CRI Online, Qianlong, Sohu, NetEase, Phoenix and Tianya and other online communities issue the following joint initiative:

■ Resolutely resist the carving and drawing in the landscape, heritage, service facilities, and resolutely resist the stepping on green land, and resist climbing or pick off flowers and woods;

■ Resolutely resist throwing of rubbish, spitting, defecation or piss around and polluting the environment;

■ Resolutely resist smoking in non-smoking areas endangering the health of others;

■ Resolutely resist making noise (e.g. answering photos in high volume) in public transport, hotels, restaurants, theaters and other public places;

■ Resolutely resist playing animals, causing harm to animal safety;

■ Resolutely resist being nude in the public;

■ Resolutely resist the telling of erotic jokes, spreading of feudal superstition, spreading of fabricated political jokes;

■ Resolutely resist forcing the locals to take photo, taking photographs or video in violation with relevant regulations;

■ Resolutely resist waste of food;

■ Resolutely resist playing, joking in churches, temples and other religious places and showing no respect to the local customs;

■ Resolutely resist going to pornographic sites, and participating in gambling activities;

■ Resolutely resist queue jumping, promote respect and care for minorities.
                                                                                                                                May 27, 2013


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