Chinese Ministry of Defense: Philippine must honor its commitment to withdraw warships from the Second Thomas Shoal

Reporter: Regarding the ownership of Nansha Second Thomas Shoal, the Chinese Foreign Ministry has issued solemn statements for many times. The Philippines side had claimed that the Chinese side stopped the supplies of the defending soldiers in the Second Thomas Shoal. How does the Chinese military react to this?

Defense Ministry spokesman Yang Yujun: In 1999, a Philippine warship illegally stranded on the Nansha Second Thomas Shoal. China has continuously protested the behavior with the Philippines. And the Philippines had promised to withdraw warship, but never has put it into action. Since May this year, the Philippines attempted to take further action to reinforce their illegal “stranded” warship to expand military presence. Philippine side’s behavior seriously violated China’s territorial sovereignty and breaches the spirit of the “Declaration on Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea”.

Philippines must honor its commitments and stop violating the Chinese sovereignty. We resolutely oppose the attempts of Philippine side to strengthen and expand military presence in the Nansha Second Thomas Shoal.

Source: Chinese Ministry of Defense

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