Chinese ID Card Production Center open day

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According to the Beijing Daily, yesterday is Beijing ID Card Production Center open day. The police of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau showed the public into the resident identity card making workshop, and decrypted the resident ID card “birth” process.

The city’s all identity cards are issued by this small workshop with 12 staffs, the finished ID cards will be sorted, and then sent to the 19 branches of the household registration management department, and finally delivered to the hands of residents. At the peak days, the shop will be able to make 60,000 second-generation ID card.

According to the introduction, whole system certification process will involve the entry of personal information which is linked with the personal privacy of residents, and thus it requires a high degree of security and confidentiality. Usually out only department head and 12 workshop staffs and technical personnel are allowed to enter the shop. In order not to affect the accreditation system, no camera and phones are allowed in the shop.

In January of this year, Beijing with Yanshan and Yizhuang as the first batch of pilot units, has started the ID card fingerprint registration. Before the end of this year, the city’s all household registration police stations will start the fingerprint information registration. “In the future, one may need to enter the fingerprint information in the bank counter to prevent fraudulent use.” one policeman introduced to the public.

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