Chinese Embassy in North Korea urged the DPRK to release the detained ship

photos of crew detained by north korea
The detained fishing boat owner demonstrated the photos of all the 16 crew on the boat

Chinese Embassy in North Korea confirmed that individual fishing boat Liao-25222 from Dalian City, Liaoning Province was detained by the DPRK. On May 10, the ship owner Yu Xuejun called the embassy for help. The embassy immediately made​representations to the DPRK Foreign Ministry Consular Bureau, urged the DPRK to release the boat as soon as possible and protect the detained crew’s lives and property safety and legitimate rights and interests.

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According to the online resource, a Dalian (Liaoning Province) fishing boat Liao-25222 on May 5 was detained in the China water by the North Korean patrol boat and requested to paid a ransom of RMB 600,000 (US$ 96,000).

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