Chinese dishes recipe: Mapo tofu (麻婆豆腐)

Mapo tofu (麻婆豆腐)

Chinese dishes recipe: Mapo tofu (麻婆豆腐)


Mapo Tofu is a dish invented by a small restaurant owner “Chen Senfu” in the Qing Dynasty in the northern suburb of Chengdu City. Liu’s face had pitting, thus called as Chen Mapo (old lady with spot and pitting). She created the fried dish with bean curd, called “Chen Mapo Tofu”, later became one of the most famous dishes in China: Mapo Tofu.

Profile of Dish

Dishes taste: spicy
The main process: fry
Time required: twenty minutes
Production of Difficulty: Moderate

Materials & Ingredients

Ingredients  No. Unit
Bean curd 300 gram
Minced beef 100 gram
Green onion 1 pcs
Ginger 1 pcs
Garlic 6 pcs(small)
Pepper 1 spoon
Starch Some  
Bean sauce  Some  
Dried chili 2 pcs
Black Bean Some  

Cooking Method

Step 1. Bean curd cut into small pieces and put it into boiling water for one minute (to remove the beany flavor).

Mapo tofu1

 Step 2. Mixed minced beef with salt, cooking wine, soy sauce

Mapo tofu2

Step 3. Fry the ginger, pepper and garlic, then the mixed beef

Mapo tofu3

Step 4. Put in the Bean Source, Black Bean

 Mapo tofu5

Step 5. Add some water and continue to cook

Mapo tofu5

Step 6. Add the bean curd

Mapo tofu6

Step 7. Add some soy source, pepper, mixed with starch

Mapo tofu7

Step 8. Add cut green onion

Mapo tofu8

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