Chinese aircraft carrier is not a “indoorsman”, it will certainly go out for voyage

China Liaoning aircraft carrier

According to the website of the Chinese Ministry of National Defense, the Defense Ministry Deputy Secretary, Department of Defense spokesman Yang Yujun today responded to the questions over the “next voyage plan for the Chinese aircraft carrier” that the Chinese aircraft carrier is not a “indoorsman” and will not always stay inside the naval port, thus in the future the aircraft carrier Liaoning will certainly go out for voyage.

15 F to land in Liaoning ship deck

A reporter’s question: “There are media reports that the Chinese warships had appeared in the waters of the Diaoyu Islands, will this situation be normalized?”

Yang Yujun said that Chinese naval vessels are under schemes for training and such a voyage and training activities are perfectly legitimate. I the future Chinese naval fleet ill of course go to the relevant waters for sailing and training.

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