China’s average fixed line broadband Internet download speed was up to 2.93 Mbit/s

August 16, 2013, Broadband Development Alliance ( published the first volume of the “China Broadband Speed Status Report” according to which in the first half of 2013, China’s average fixed line broadband Internet download speed was up to 2.93 Mbit/s, the average web page loading time was 2.55 seconds, the average download speed of online video was 1.03 Mbit/s. In addition, Shanghai is ranked as no.1 with the highest average download speed among all the provincial and administrative regions, reaching 4.28 Mbit/s, 46.1% higher than the national average level.

Profile of Broadband Development Alliance (BDA)

Hosting Unit:China Communication Standards Association (CCSA)

Alliance Purpose:Supporting broadband development, and serving broadband industry.

Main Work (including but not limited to):

1. Research on the index system of broadband development, and release statistical reports of China broadband development status;

2. Conducting research on broadband development policy, broadband technology and industry, pre-research of broadband standards. Provide policy advices to the government, publish guidance documents of broadband industry, and promote coordinated development of broadband industry chain in China;

3. Communicate and cooperate with domestic and foreign organizations. Conduct propagation of BDA’s production;

4. As a common industry platform, provide broadband related services, e.g. technical consulting and training, etc.

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