China’s anti-submarine capability increased sharply

According to a report from the “Science News”, the South China Sea Acoustic Marine Observation Experiment Station has recently been established in Lingshui County, Hainan Province which is China’s first South China Sea underwater sonar array test system. The project has clear dual-use, military and civilian purposes, and will be mainly used for monitoring and detection of the South China Sea, especially against the threat of the submarines operating in South China Sea region. This is also China’s first public announcement of construction of underwater sonar array system, adding great changes to the future situation in the South China Sea.

Since 1996, China’s research on the marine areas has been included in the “863 plan”, the development of marine monitoring high-tech has been actively promoted through the plan. Among them, researches on the under-water sound monitoring technology has achieved tremendous progress, with three major stations and platforms built: station of the East China Sea, station of the North Sea Station and the station of South China Sea. With the perfection of the three stations, it is believed that China will have enhanced monitoring capabilities against the U.S. nuclear-powered submarines.

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