China with a total of 2.3 million troops ranked no.1 in the world

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According Wuhan Evening News, yesterday morning, in the State Council Information Office press conference, the Office released the 2013 China’s national defense white paper “China’s diversified use of armed forces” which is the Chinese government’s first issued thematic defense white paper focusing on the basic policy and use principles of the armed force.

The paper is about 15,000 words, and makes in-depth and systematic introduction of the mission of the Chinese armed forces and the use practice.

The spokesman for the Department of Defense, Yang Yujun, said that the White Paper for the first time exposed the number of Army Tactical Operations Forces and the name of the Army groups, the number of Air Force, Navi and Second Artillery missile alias. The White Paper disclosed a total of 2.3 million Chinese army, the largest number of armed forces in the world at present.

China with a total of 2.3 million troops ranked no.1 in the world

Number of Chinese Army: 850,000
Number of Chinese Navi: 235,000
Number of Chinese Air Force: 398,000
Other Chinese forces: 817,000

Other forces include the Second Artillery, the Army safeguarding the border, coastal defense and security forces, military academies members, staffs in the research institutes and command authorities.

This is the eighth time releasing of the national defense white paper since 1998. Since 1998, every two years, the government will release a defense white paper, covering China’s defense policy, army building, arms control and disarmament and international security situation, international security cooperation.

The Army designation or the names of the Army groups was once military secret. The White Paper for the first time yesterday disclosed Army designation for 18 group Army. This is the first government statement announcing the designation of the group army. “This reflects the opening up of the Chinese military which is more transparent and exhibiting the government’s self-confidence.” A military expert who had been involved in the white paper writing introduced.

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