China successfully developed its first flexible display

China successfully developed its first flexible display

According to the Nanfang Daily, recently, China’s first flexible AMOLED display has been successfully and jointly developed by the State Luminescent Materials and Devices Key Laboratory of South China University of Technology and Guangzhou New Horizons Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd (广州新视界光电科技有限公司). The display uses Ln-IZO metal oxide TFT technology with a display size of 4.8 inches, a thickness of 100 microns and a weight of less than 1g. The display achieves the display of video and images. It is China’s first successful development of a flexible AMOLED display.

The display is ultra-thin, flexible and bendable, resistant to mechanical shock, it has very broad market prospects. The display can be made into curtains, it can roll up and does not affect the day light during the day and at night it can serve as a television screen; it can also act as wearable display device to be mounted onto the cuffs, collar, shoes, ties, etc., and even a special display on human body. In addition, because of its light weight, it is easy to carry, and be used as cover to hide objects. In future, any items around us are likely to become a monitor.

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