China ordered 60 Airbus aircrafts: A320 and A330 series

China ordered 60 Airbus aircrafts

China Aviation Supplies Corporation and Airbus signed an agreement of buying intention on the 25th in which China will ordered 60 Airbus aircrafts, including 42 single-aisle A320 aircrafts and 18 twin-aisle A330 series aircrafts.


President and chief executive officer (CEO) of Airbus, Fabrice Brégier said the fact that China Aviation Supplies Group would be able to re-order the world’s best-selling Airbus A320 series aircraft and A330 wide-body aircraft will move forward our long-standing partnership.

According to the Airbus official website news, in 1985 China imported the first Airbus aircraft, till the end of 2002, the number of Airbus aircrafts operating in China (including Hong Kong and Macao, excluding Taiwan) is 186. At the end of 2012, the number of  Airbus aircrafts reached 876 in mainland China alone.

In 10 years time, the sale of Airbus aircrafts in the mainland Chinese increased by nearly three-fold, accounting for 49% of the total number of operating aircrafts with more than 100 seats.

“In the past three years, Airbus delivered more than 100  aircrafts annually to China, accounting for more than 20% of Airbus global production of the year. This year the number of new aircrafts to be delivered will be again over 100. Based on the plans of Chinese airlines and the demand from the aircraft leasing companies, in the next few years, the number of Airbus new aircrafts to be delivered to China will be maintained at a high level. ” News director of Airbus China, Tao Wenge, told the reporter in an exclusive interview with Xinhua News Agency.

Rapid sale growth of Airbus aircrafts in China is benefited from the sustained release of demand in the domestic market in China. Li Jiaxiang from Civil Aviation Administration of China had predicted that China’s 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-2015) will continue to be the golden period of development of the civil aviation industry in China. Industry-wide investment will be more than 1.5 trillion yuan (US $240 billion), the passenger transport volume will reach 450 million people, the number of operating airports will be more than 230, and number of aircrafts is expected to be more than 4,500 (including general aviation aircrafts).

Tao Wenge pointed out that the strategic position of China is not only reflected in sale but also China’s aviation industry is a long-term strategic partner of Airbus. Since the first Airbus aircraft was imported into China in 1985 , Airbus and China began the industrial co-operation including the purchase of raw materials, parts and components manufacturing and design, large parts assembly and aircraft assembly.

In 2012, total value of industrial cooperation between Airbus and China reached US $295 million. In 2015, this figure is expected to reach nearly $ 500 million.

 “Today, from the single-channel A320, dual-channel A330 to the world’s largest airliner A380, all Airbus civilian models are equipped with parts made in China,” said Tao Wenge.

He disclosed that Airbus is developing the new A350XWB wide-body aircraft project, there will be five percent of the work of body structure be done in China, including elevator, rudder, belly fairing. Chinese engineers are also involved in the new models design work.

Yao Ling, deputy director of the Department of Commerce International Trade and Economic Cooperation Institute of European Studies, told reporters that Airbus is a typical case of intra-industry trade in China and France, China and the EU. It will further improve the relationship between China and France, as well as trade relations between China and EU.

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