China Mobile’s international debut : To release Jego in June to compete with Skype



Encountering the threats from Skype, WeiChat, Line and many other mobile chatting tools China Mobile decided to fight back by launching a new mobile chatting tool with Internet phone call functions. Jego will be a stepping stone in China Mobile’s international expansion.

A China Mobile International representative confirmed the news to the media. Allegedly, Jego will be released in June; it mainly aims at overseas users, especially those who need keep in touch with friends and families in China. Jego opponent is not WeChat or any other mobile chatting tools; it will be the world’s leading Internet telephony tool, Skype.

Jego features include text chat, voice intercom, photos and other multimedia sharing, video chat, etc., but its core function will be making calls to fixed line and mobile phones in China which will be a differentiating feature of Jego.

Source: Tencent Technology

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