China Mobile Special Policy for Ya’an Earthquake: No downtime or service suspension

According to the Tencent News on April 20, a Ms 7.0 earthquake occurred this morning in Ya’an, Sichuan. Communication service was blocked in some areas of Ya’An. Staff of China Mobile expressed in an telephone interview that no downtime or service suspension will be encountered for all China mobile users in the affected zones even when their mobile remaining balance is zero.

The China Mobile staff said, communication in some areas of Ya’an has been blocked with 139 local base stations affected by the earthquake and additional 84 being affected in Baoxing area. In view of this situation, China Mobile had made urgent deployment, by sending out a rescue team of about 200 people together with tools such as satellite phones, 100 kilometers of fiber optic cable and other emergency communications materials, tents, drinking water and other emergency relief supplies which are currently being shipped to the earthquake zone.


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