China label of pride for the first lady of fashion

China label of pride for the first lady of fashion



In the recent days, the dress and fashion of the “First Lady” Peng Liyuan not only followed by a huge number of the mainlanders but also triggered a lively discussion of the fashion of the “First Lady”. No wonder the media exclaimed that the people in China are experiencing a rare “First Lady” fashion wave. When Peng Liyuan stepped off the plane, the eye-catching black handbag had almost immediately been identified as a handbag by Chinese premium fashion brand EXCEPTION(例外). In fact, not only the handbag but also her whole dressing has become popular in China.

The fact that the “First Lady” is wearing some domestic brand does not merely mean the taste of the Peng Liyuan alone, but it means that the brand of “Made in China” could be as reliable and quality as the other international brands. As a matter of fact, the manufacturing process of the domestic products is not bad which can be seen from that fact that a lot of luxury brands are having manufacturing centers in China. The difficulty that the domestic luxury brands face today to some extent is contributed by people’s lack of confidence over the domestic brands. Now following the step of the “First Lady”, it is expected that not only the domestic bag but also the whole “Made in China” brand should be more respected among the Chinese people.

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