China issues white paper on national defense (full text)

According to the ChinaNews, China on Tuesday issued a white paper on national defense elaborating its new security concept and peacetime employment of armed forces.

The document, the eighth of its kind the Chinese government has issued since 1998, says China advocates a new security concept featuring mutual trust, mutual benefit, equality and coordination, and pursues comprehensive security, common security and cooperative security.

“China will never seek hegemony or behave in a hegemonic manner, nor will it engage in military expansion,” the white paper says.

The paper elaborates the country’s diversified employment of the armed forces in the peaceful times, saying that it responds to China’s core security needs and aims to maintain peace, contain crises and win wars.

Chinese armed forces are employed to safeguard border, coastal and territorial air security, strengthen combat-readiness and combat-oriented exercises and drills, it says.

They would readily respond to and resolutely deter any provocative action which undermines China’s sovereignty, security and territorial integrity, it says.

The full text of the original Chinese reported is automatically translated as follows:

BEIJING, April 16 – the diversification of China’s armed forces use
(April 2013)
The Information Office of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China
Table of Contents

A new situation, new challenges, new mission
Second, the Armed Forces of the construction and development
Third, the defense of national sovereignty, security, territorial integrity
Fourth, the protection of national economic and social development
Fifth, maintenance of world peace and regional stability

In today’s era of peace and development are facing new opportunities and challenges. Firmly grasp the opportunity to jointly cope with challenges, cooperation in maintaining security, and work together to achieve the development of the times given the historic mission of the people of all countries.
The path of peaceful development, China’s unswerving will of the state and the strategic choice. China unswervingly pursues an independent foreign policy of peace and a defensive national defense policy, opposes all forms of hegemonism and power politics, and non-interference in other’s internal affairs, and never hegemony, never seek hegemony or engage in military expansion forever. China advocated mutual trust, mutual benefit, equality and coordination of a new security concept, seeking to achieve comprehensive security, common security and cooperative security.
Construction commensurate with China’s international status, compatible with national security and development interests to consolidate national defense and a powerful army, is the strategic task of China’s modernization, but also the strong protection of China’s peaceful development. China’s armed forces to adapt to the new demands of national development and security strategies, to adhere to the position of the guiding ideology of the scientific concept of development, accelerate the transformation of the mode of generating combat capabilities, building a modern military force system of Chinese characteristics, the times to strengthen the military strategic guidance to expand the armed forces to use way to provide security and strategic support for national development and make due contributions to safeguarding world peace and regional stability.
A new situation, new challenges, new mission
Since the new century, the world is undergoing profound and complex changes, peace and development remain the themes of the times. Economic globalization and world multi-polarization in-depth development, cultural diversity, social information continues to advance, the basic trend of the international balance of power in favor of maintaining the world peace, and maintain the overall peace and stability, the international situation. At the same time, the world is still far from being tranquil, hegemonism and power politics and the neo-interventionism increased local turbulence occurs frequently and hotspot issues keep emerging, traditional and non-traditional security challenges are interwoven and interactive, more fierce competition in the international military field, international The sudden security issues, relevance, comprehensiveness significantly increased. The Asia-Pacific region is increasingly becoming an important stage of the development of the world economy and great power strategic game, the adjustment of U.S. Asia-Pacific security strategy, the regional pattern of profound adjustment.
Firmly grasp and make good use of development of important strategic opportunities, modernization achievements remarkable, comprehensive national strength is a quantum leap, a significant improvement in people’s lives, and overall social stable cross-strait relations have maintained a momentum of peaceful development, international competitiveness and influence continues to increase. However, China still faces diverse and complex security threats and challenges, the survival of the security issues and the development of security issues, traditional security threats and non-traditional security threats are intertwined, safeguard national unity, safeguarding the territorial integrity of heavy and arduous task of safeguarding the interests of development. Some countries deepen Asia-Pacific military alliance to expand its military presence frequent manufacture of tensions in the region. Individual neighboring countries to take on China’s territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and interests are involved to complicate matters, expansion move, create disturbances Japan on the Diaoyu Islands issue. Three evil forces “of terrorism, separatism and extremism,” the threat of rising. “Taiwan independence” separatist forces and their separatist activities remain the biggest threat to the peaceful development of cross-strait relations. The major natural disasters, security incidents, and public health events frequently, affect social harmony and stability factors increase, rising national interests overseas security risk. Mechanized form of war accelerated the evolution of information warfare, countries are vigorously developing military high-tech, to seize the strategic high ground of space, cyberspace, international competition.
In the face of complex and volatile security environment, the PLA resolutely fulfill the historical mission of the new century and new stage, the expansion of the national security strategy and military strategy vision, aims at winning local wars under conditions of informatization actively logistics peacetime armed forces use, more effective response to kinds of security threats and accomplish diverse military tasks.
Diversification of China’s armed forces use, adhere to the following basic policies and principles:
– Safeguarding national sovereignty, security, territorial integrity, and the protection of national peace and development. This is the purpose of strengthening national defense construction in China, the Constitution and the law of the sacred duty of China’s armed forces. Unswervingly implement the military strategy of active defense, preparedness and resisting aggression, curbing separatist forces, to defend the border, coastal, air defense, security, and safeguarding the country’s maritime rights and interests and security interests in space and cyberspace. Adhere to the “people do not make me, I do not prisoners, if we are attacked, I will of prisoners” to take all necessary measures to resolutely safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity.
– Aims at winning local wars under conditions of informatization, expand and deepen the preparations for military struggle. Preparations for military struggle steadfastly to basis points on winning local wars under conditions of informatization, will coordinate development of the various strategic direction of the preparations for military struggle, strengthen the branches of the military forces combined use, improve the combat capability of the system based on information. Innovation and development of the people’s war strategy and tactics, to promote the development of military and civilian integration, improve the quality of national defense mobilization and reserve force building. Comprehensively improve the day-to-day level of combat readiness, to strengthen targeted combat readiness exercise drills, meticulously organizing patrols and duty of the edge of the sea air defense combat readiness, and properly deal with the various crises and major incidents.
– Establish a comprehensive concept of security, and to effectively carry out the non-war military operations tasks. Adapt to new security threats change, emphasis on peacetime use of the armed forces. Actively participate in and support the country’s economic and social development, and resolutely fulfill the difficult and perilous task of disaster relief. In accordance with the law to fulfill the task of safeguarding national security and stability functions, resolutely subversive activities against hostile forces to fight against all kinds of violence and terrorist activities, carry out security alert. Action capacity-building to strengthen emergency rescue, maritime escort, evacuation of overseas citizens overseas to provide reliable security guarantee for safeguarding national interests abroad.
– To deepen security cooperation, and to fulfill its international obligations. China’s armed forces is an advocate of international security cooperation, promoters and participants. Adhere to the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence, and engage in foreign military exchanges all-round development of the non-aligned, non-confrontational and not directed against third-party military cooperation relations, promote the establishment of a fair and effective collective security mechanisms and military mutual trust mechanism. Insisted on opening up, pragmatic, and the concept of cooperation, deepen the same countries the military exchanges and cooperation, to strengthen border areas CBMs, promoting maritime security dialogue and cooperation, and to participate in UN peacekeeping operations, international cooperation against terrorism, international escort and disaster relief operations, held and foreign joint exercise training. Conscientiously perform their due international responsibilities and obligations, and to play an active role in safeguarding world peace, security, stability.
– In strict accordance with action, strict policy discipline. China’s armed forces to abide by the Constitution and laws, to comply with the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations, adhere to the law to use military force, action according to law. Strict implementation of laws, regulations and policies, adherence to the discipline of the masses, in accordance with the law, disaster relief, maintenance of stability at the sudden and security guard tasks. The basis of the Charter of the United Nations and recognized norms governing international relations, adhere to the law within the framework of action in the bilateral and multilateral treaties, to ensure the legitimacy of the foreign military action. Develop and improve laws and regulations and policies and systems, and in strict accordance with the regulations and rules management forces diversified use to provide legal protection for the armed forces.

Second, the Armed Forces of the construction and development
China’s armed forces by the People’s Liberation Army and People’s Armed Police, militia, has an important position and role in the overall national security and development strategy, shouldering the glorious mission and a sacred duty of safeguarding national sovereignty, security and development interests.
In recent years, the People’s Liberation Army of fulfilling the mission and the information construction requirements of the development, actively and steadily push forward the reform of the army. Strengthen the strategic management of the Central Military Commission headquarters, the formation of the People’s Liberation Army the strategic planning department of the General Staff Communication Department reorganized into the Ministry of Information, the General Staff Military Training and Arms Department reorganized into the Ministry of the military training; promote the construction of new combat forces, and adjust and optimize the structure of the size of the various arms and services, reform the forces marshalling mode, to promote the combat force compiled to crack, joint, and more energy efficient direction; perfect new military personnel training system, to deepen military human resources and logistics policies and systems adjustment and reform, to strengthen the construction of high-tech weaponry, efforts to build with Chinese characteristics modern military force system.
The army is mainly responsible for military operations on land, including mobile combat troops, border and coastal defense forces, garrison forces. In accordance with the strategic requirements of mobile operations, three-dimensional offense and defense, the Army actively promote from regional defense to trans-regional mobility shift, speed up the development of aviation, light mechanized units and special operations forces, strengthen digitized military construction, and gradually achieve the miniaturization of its units, modular, multi, improve ground integrated operations, long-distance maneuvers, rapid assaults and special operations capabilities. Army mobile combat units, including 18 Army and some independent combined operational divisions (brigades), 85 people. Group Army by divisions, brigades, and acts under the seven military area commands, respectively. Shenyang Military Region under the jurisdiction of the first 16,39,40 Group Army, Beijing Military Region under the jurisdiction of section 27,38,65 Army, under the jurisdiction of section 21, 47 Army Lanzhou Military Region, Jinan Military Region under the jurisdiction of section 20,26,54 Army, Nanjing Military Region, under the jurisdiction of 1,12,31 group army, the Guangzhou Military Region under the jurisdiction of the 41st, 42nd Army Chengdu Military Region under the jurisdiction of section 13, 14 Group Army.

The Navy is the main force of the offshore operations, responsible for the defense of the direction of the country’s maritime security, territorial sovereignty and the maintenance of maritime rights and interests, mainly by submarine, surface, naval, air force, marines, coastal defense force wings. The coastal defense strategy requirements, the Navy focus on to improve offshore integrated combat force modernization level and the development of advanced submarines, destroyers, frigates and other equipment, improve the comprehensive electronic information systems and equipment system, improve the distant sea maneuver warfare, far out at sea cooperation and deal with non-traditional security threat to the ability enhance strategic deterrence and counterattack. Navy existing 23.5 million, under the jurisdiction of the North Sea, the East China Sea and South China Sea Fleet, Fleet Air Arm of the fleet has bases, Detachment, Marine Police District, aviation divisions and marine brigades and other forces. In September 2012, the first aircraft carrier, Liaoning ship “cross-access column. China’s development of aircraft carriers, and has far-reaching significance for building a powerful navy and maintain maritime security.
The Air Force is the main force of the air operations, charged with the task to defend the country’s airspace security and maintaining a stable air defense posture nationwide, mainly by aviation, ground air defense radar, airborne, electronic warfare and other branches of the military. In accordance with the offensive and defensive strategic requirements, the Air Force is strengthening reconnaissance and early warning, air offensive air and missile defense, strategic delivery system focused combat forces, the development of a new generation of combat aircraft, new surface-to-air missile and new radar and other advanced weaponry, improve warning, command and communications network, improve the strategic early warning, of deterrence and remote air strike capability. Air Force existing 39.8 million, under the jurisdiction of Shenyang, Beijing, Lanzhou, Jinan, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Chengdu Military Region Air Force and an airborne army. Military Region Air Force has bases, aviation division (brigade), surface-to-air missile divisions (brigades), radar brigade.
The Second Artillery is the core force of strategic deterrence, is mainly responsible for deterring other countries to use nuclear weapons against China, conducting nuclear counterattacks and precision strikes with conventional missiles task, composed of nuclear forces, conventional missile forces, combat support troops. In accordance with the principles of lean and effective, the Second Artillery accelerate the transformation of the information technology, weaponry rely on scientific and technological progress to promote independent innovation, mature technology focused, selective improvement of existing equipment, missile weapons security, reliability, validity, perfect the system of both nuclear and conventional forces, to enhance rapid response, effective penetration, precision strike, and comprehensive damage and survival protection capability, strategic deterrence and nuclear counter-attack, the conventional steady improvement in the precision strike capability. The Second Artillery administered missile base, training base, professional security forces, institutions and research institutions, equipment Dongfeng series of ballistic missiles and sword cruise missiles.
PAPF mainly responsible for the duty to respond to emergencies, combat terrorism, and to participate in and support the country’s economic construction and other tasks in wartime with the PLA in defensive operations. Armed Police Force is relying on the national information infrastructure, and to establish the perfect headquarters to grassroots squadron of three integrated information network system, the development of forces carry out the task of urgently needed weapons and equipment to carry out targeted training, to improve its ability to enforce the law, respond to emergencies, combat terrorism. Armed Police Force by the internal security forces and police forces, internal security forces, including the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government) Corps and motorized divisions, included into the Armed police forces, including gold, forest, water, electricity, and transportation forces, border security, fire, security forces sequence.
The militia armed organizations of the masses is not full-time assistant and reserve force of the People’s Liberation Army. Militia responsible for participating in socialist modernization, perform combat service support and participate in the defense and combat, and help maintain social order, and to participate in the rescue and relief mission. The militia building focus adjustment scale structure, improve weaponry, push forward the reform of training to improve and accomplish diverse military tasks ability to support the protection of winning local wars under conditions of informatization as the core. The militia is divided into primary militia organizations and militias. The primary militia organizations, there are emergency team, the reserve team of the joint air defense, intelligence and reconnaissance, communications, security, engineering, repair, transportation, equipment maintenance support team, as well as combat support, logistics support, and equipment support.

Third, the defense of national sovereignty, security, territorial integrity
The fundamental task of the Chinese armed forces is to consolidate national defense, resist aggression, defend the motherland. Diversification of China’s armed forces use, adhere oriented core national security needs to focus on the maintenance of peace, and to contain the crisis and win the war, to defend the border, coastal, air defense security, strengthen the combat readiness and combat drills drills, ready to respond resolutely stop all provocative acts that endanger national sovereignty, security, territorial integrity and resolutely safeguard national core interests.
To defend the border and coastal security
China has over 22,000 kilometers of land borders, and more than 18,000 km of mainland coastline, is one of the largest world neighbors, the longest land border countries. China has more than 500 square meters of the island over 6500, more than 14,000 km of island coastline. Chinese armed forces on the land border and sea areas under the jurisdiction of the implementation of the defense, the jurisdiction of the border and coastal security complex and arduous task.

Army border and coastal defense forces stationed at the border, coastal areas and offshore islands, responsible for guarding the country (side) boundary, the coastal coast and islands, to resist against foreign invasion, encroachment, provocative, and to assist in the fight against terrorist sabotage, defense and management of cross-border crime tasks. Border and coastal defense forces combat readiness, strengthen border and coastal areas important direction and sensitive lot, waterways, sea defense and protection of strictly guard against all kinds of invasion, encroachment and cross-border infiltration and sabotage activities in time to stop the violation of border and coastal defense policies and regulations, and changing state boundaries The behavior of the status quo in a timely manner to carry out joint military control, emergency at the sudden action effectively safeguard the security and stability of the border and coastal areas. China has signed with neighboring countries on border cooperation agreements with 12 countries, the establishment of border talks and meetings. The People’s Liberation Army border guards and border sector of Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Vietnam and other countries to carry out joint patrols on duty, joint control drills, such as friendship and cooperation activities. Mutual inspection activities, monitoring and verification of the border area confidence-building measures in the implementation of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan and other countries are organized each year.
Navy to strengthen the control and management of the sea, and to establish a sound system of patrols mechanism effectively mastered the waters surrounding the situation closely to guard against all kinds harassed and infiltration and sabotage activities, the timely disposal of all air and sea situations and emergencies. Promote maritime security cooperation, and preservation of the marine peace and stability, freedom of navigation and safety at sea. Sino-US maritime military security consultation mechanism under the framework of regular maritime exchange of information, to avoid incidents at sea. Beibu Bay and Vietnam signed a joint patrol agreement between the two navies since 2006 to organize two annual joint patrols.
The border public security force deployed by the state’s armed law enforcement in border and coastal areas and open ports force, responsible for defending national sovereignty, maintaining border and coastal and maritime security and stability, and the order of crossing the boundary, and other important duties and carry out the maintenance of stability of the border, the fight against crime, emergency rescue, diverse tasks such as border security. The border public security force in the border line of delineation of border control area, delineated in the coastal areas and coastal defense to demarcate border warning area 20-50 m depth in the first-line region adjacent to Hong Kong, Macau land border and coastal, border checkpoints set up at the national open ports station, the marine police force deployed in the coastal areas. In recent years, border areas and ports to implement the normalization thorough investigation of strict management and strictly control to prevent the fight against the “three forces”, the hostile elements separatist and violent terrorist activities. Concentration and control of transboundary fishing activities at sea, and strengthen law enforcement in the field of maritime security patrol to crack down on criminal activities at sea. The cracked cases since 2011, a total of 47,445 from 12,357 kilograms of various kinds of drugs seized, and seized 125,115 illegal guns seized illegal border crossers 5607 people.
Militia actively participate in combat readiness, border and coastal areas Jun Jingmin defense outpost duty and guard border control side action online perennial border and coastal patrol duty.

To defend air defense security
The Air Force is the main force to defend the country’s air defense security shoulder part of the air defense mission, the Army, the Navy and the Armed Police Force in accordance with the instructions of the Central Military Commission. In peacetime, the national air defense, the Air Force – Military Region Air Force – air defense forces and command system, the Air Force responsible for the air defense mission of air defense forces according to the Central Military Commission intent to implement a unified command. China’s air defense system by reconnaissance surveillance, command and control, air defense, ground air defense, protection and civil air defense six systems. China has built a set of reconnaissance, early warning, the fight against counterattack and protection force in one of the air defense system, with various air detection radar and AWACS main technical reconnaissance, electronic warfare reconnaissance to supplement air situation to obtain the means; to fighter , fighter-bombers, surface to air missiles, artillery units as the main, to the Army’s air defense forces, militia and reserve defense forces and civil air defense forces to supplement the means to fight; protection works and protection forces as the main, professional and technical protection forces. supplementary protection means.
Air Force day-to-day air defense activities mainly organizational strength of reconnaissance and early warning, monitoring air dynamic of the national airspace and the surrounding areas, and keep abreast of the various air safety threat; command structure at all levels of the organization to maintain core capital of focused normal border the coastal line of combat duty, commanding a variety of air defense forces action at any time; organization of the day-to-day air defense combat duty troops, the oceanic airspace police patrol, border anti-reconnaissance and internally verify disposal abnormal unidentified air situation; organization of air traffic control system to monitor flight activities, maintenance of air order ensure flight safety.

Keep Changbeibuxie state of combat readiness
Army ready and alert to perform combat and non-combat military mission in combat readiness, military global, comprehensive, regular work. Important guarantee to improve the level of combat readiness, keep Changbeibuxie state of combat readiness, to respond effectively to a variety of security threats and accomplish diverse military tasks. The People’s Liberation Army to establish a formal order of combat readiness, and strengthen the combat readiness of the basic construction, improve targeted readiness exercises, careful organization of combat duty and the edge of the sea air defense patrols on duty, ready to perform the tasks of combat and non-combat military operations. Forces perform tasks need to enter the level of combat readiness and combat readiness level from lower to higher divided into three levels according to the alert degree of combat readiness, the two combat readiness, combat readiness.
Routine readiness of Army forces to safeguard the the border normal order and consolidate the achievements of national construction as focus, relying on the combat command structure and command information system, strengthen the integration of the elements of combat duty, explore the theater joint duty mode, and promote the comprehensive improvement of the combat units above the regiment combat duty system , to normalized run institutional mechanisms to ensure the implementation of operational readiness, the formation of the strategic direction of convergence, for combined, and supporting the combat readiness of combat support forces system layout, always maintain good condition immediately active and effective response. The day-to-day combat readiness of naval forces, to safeguard the country’s territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and interests, in accordance with the principle of efficient use of troops, patrol system, global monitoring, organization and implementation of the normalization combat patrol, maintain a military presence in the relevant waters. Fleet perennial maintain the necessary number of ships patrolling the area, strengthen aviation reconnaissance patrol, and according to the needs of the organization maneuver forces patrol in the relevant area. The day-to-day combat readiness of the Air Force to focus on homeland defense, adhere to the one of peacetime and wartime, the global response Xinjiang arrived principle, sensitive and efficient state of combat readiness. Organization normalized air alert patrol verification exception unidentified air situation in a timely manner. Air Command alert duty Air Force command post as the core forces command post for the foundation, supported by air force and ground air defense troops on combat duty.
Second Artillery usually maintain an appropriate state of readiness, peacetime and wartime, always be on the alert, ready to battle the principle, strengthen the combat readiness of supporting the construction, building elements integrated, full-featured, agile and efficient operational duty system, to ensure that forces rapid emergency response, to respond effectively to the threat of war and emergencies. Under a nuclear threat, the nuclear missile force under the orders of the CMC, a state of alert, preparing for a nuclear counterattack to deter the enemy from the use of nuclear weapons;, the use of nuclear missiles, and the country suffered a nuclear attack, independently or jointly with other services nuclear strength, resolute counterattack against the enemy. Conventional missile forces to quickly complete the conversion of peacetime and wartime, to carry out conventional long-range precision strike missions.
Carry out combat exercise drills
People’s Liberation Army adhere to carry out combat exercise drills as an important starting point for advancing the transformation of military training, to enhance the troops’ combat capability, will focus on information-led system confrontation, precision engagement, fusion integrated operational concepts are widely integrated into United winning information under conditions training practice, according to the demands of an actual wartime the marshal and operational process and organize rehearsals, highlight the command and combat training, real soldiers autonomous combat training and complex battlefield environment, training, and comprehensively improve the combat capability of the troops based information systems.
Conducting spanned training. To enhance the troops’ rapid reaction capability and joint combat capability in the unfamiliar environment, under complex conditions, relying on tactical training base, organizations have similar tasks, the same type and future operational environment similar to the division and brigade forces, in order the real PLA uses to carry out a series of cross maneuvers drills. In 2009, the organization of Shenyang, Lanzhou, Jinan and Guangzhou Military Region, a division remote maneuver and confrontational drill. The 2010 Organization Mission Action “series of the operational level of war trans-regional maneuvers drill. Which, in 2010 the organization of a group army authorities in Beijing, Lanzhou, Chengdu Military Region, with a division (brigade) and the Air Force, part of the troops participating in the exercise, 2011 organization Chengdu, Jinan Military Region with the troops went to the plateau region drills, 2012 Organization Chengdu , Jinan, Lanzhou Military Area Command and the Air Force the forces to go to southwest China drills.
Highlight combat training. All military branches to strengthen the adversarial testing exercise drills, organize genuine confrontation, the online confrontation and computer simulated combat exercises, to enhance the relevance of the training effectiveness. Air Force relying on the training base configuration set up a complex battlefield environment, organizations between Military Region Air Force Military Region Air Force and the synthesis of the “blue army” forces between red and blue “system maneuvers carried out under conditions of informatization. Second Artillery to carry out reconnaissance and counter-reconnaissance, jamming and anti-interference complex battlefield environment, and precision strike the confrontational training counterattack and protection, strengthen security and operational skills training in nuclear, biological and chemical weapons threat condition, arrangements for a variety of models missile forces to implement a year live-fire mission.
Expand the training of the distant sea. Navy combat missions to explore distant sea marshalling training mode, tissue mixed compiled by New Frigate the ocean supply ship and ship-borne helicopter distant sea the combat formations marshalling training to deepen mission topics of study and training complex battlefield environment, highlighting the long-range early warning and comprehensive control , far out at sea to intercept long-range attack, ocean submarine, ocean escort highlights training. -Sea training organization led by the forces of the coastal air defense, anti-submarine, anti-mine, anti-terrorism, anti-piracy, of inshore defense reefs sabotage confrontational real soldiers training. Since 2007, in the Western Pacific organized a total of nearly 20 batches of more than 90 ships far out at sea training. Training to take effective measures to deal with some of the national military ships and planes came close surveillance and illegal interference with activities. From April 2012 to September, “Zheng He” training ship for the voyage around the world training, visited and docked 14 countries and regions.

Fourth, the protection of national economic and social development
To defend the people’s peaceful labor, participate in national construction, and serve the people wholeheartedly, is an important task of the Constitution and the law of China’s armed forces. China’s armed forces serve the overall situation of the country’s reform and development, and actively participate in nation-building and disaster relief, in accordance with the law to maintain social harmony and stability, and efforts to safeguard the interests of national development.
To participate in the nation-building
Army and armed police forces in the completion of education and training, combat readiness, scientific research and experiments on the premise of the task required to place around the national and local economic and social development planning deployment, adhere to the masses hope and troops that can be combined, make full use of the talents, equipment, technology, infrastructure, resources and advantages, and actively support the key projects of local infrastructure, ecological environment construction and new socialist rural construction, do a solid job of helping the poor and needy, student Xing teach, medical support and other work for the promotion of local economic development, social harmony, improve people’s livelihood, make an important contribution.

Reconstruction of key infrastructure projects. Play to the advantage of the specialized units such as water, electricity, transportation, engineering, surveying and mapping, and the people’s livelihood, support for state and local transportation, water conservancy, energy, telecommunications and other infrastructure construction. Since 2011, invested a total of more than 15 million of the Labor Day, more than 120 million times, the use of mechanical vehicles, 350 a number of key projects in the province over the reconstruction of airports, highways, railways, water conservancy hub. Armed police hydropower troops took part in the water conservancy and hydropower the Nuozhadu, Jinping, Tibet next multi and railway, gas pipeline construction 115. 172 armed police forces construction the Xinjiang Tianshan Highway, the Gansu Luo Tong River King bunk bridge, Motuo the public Lugalongla Tunnel project, the construction length of 3250 km.
Participate in ecological construction and environmental protection. Troops and militia reservists into the establishment organizations to participate in the barren hills and green, anti-desertification, wetland ecological protection, support of Beijing and Tianjin sandstorm source control ring Taklimakan desert greening and ecological protection in the upper reaches of the Yangtze and Yellow Rivers, “three rivers” in Tibet governance and other national key ecological areas and ecological engineering construction. The past two years, a total of planting over 1400 trees and into a piece of afforestation, aerial seeding and greening of barren hills and wasteland of over 300 mu. Mapping, meteorology, water supply and other technical units also provide local land surveying, meteorological and hydrological forecasting, water source exploration services.
Helping the poor and support new rural construction. Various forces met with the 63 poverty-stricken counties, 547 poverty-stricken township create a helping relationship, a total of 26,000 to establish a poverty alleviation point of contact to support irrigation and water conservancy, rural roads, small watershed management and minor works such as the construction of more than 20,000, to support the development characteristics and advantages 1000 a number of industries, to help more than 40 million poor people out of poverty. Water supply engineering regiment of the Beijing Military Region has support in Yunnan, Guangxi, Shandong, Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Guizhou place to find water drilling wells, drilling wells for a total of 358, to solve the problem of the 96 million people living with water, and 8.5 million acres of farmland irrigation water. Water supply engineering regiment of the Lanzhou Military Region, the implementation of a hundred wells supporting agriculture Fumin “project, to find water to drill wells in the central-southern Ningxia arid belt 192, to ease the 39 million people and 570,000 livestock, drinking water, and 3.7 million acres of farmland irrigation water.
Support science and technology education, culture and public health undertakings. 2011 ─ 2012, the military academies, research institutes and professional and technical forces bear the major national projects, such as science and technology support plan research than 200, 220 to participate in science and technology research, transfer of scientific and technological achievements of 180. Western poverty-stricken areas to assist the military and armed police forces in 108 hospitals 130 county-level hospitals, health units in the Army following the aid to township hospitals (the) 1283. In 2009-2012, additional assistance in western Xinjiang, Tibet and other minority areas “the Bayi Aimin school 57 solved more than 30,000 students enrolled issues.
Rescue and Relief
China is one of the countries with the most serious natural disasters in the world, many types of disasters, wide geographic distribution, frequency of occurrence, and bring serious harm to the national economic construction and people’s lives and property safety. China’s armed forces is always the rescue and relief of the assault force to take on the most urgent, the most difficult and most dangerous rescue mission. According to the 2005 “issued by the army to participate in the rescue and relief Ordinance, the military and armed police forces are mainly responsible for rescue, transfer or evacuation of people trapped in the security of important, rescue and transport important materials, to participate in the repair of roads (bridges, tunnels), maritime search and rescue NBC rescue, epidemic control, medical care and other specialized rescue, eliminate or control other dangers, the disaster to help the local people’s government to carry out

reconstruction work and other tasks.
The army and armed police forces and governments at all levels to establish linkage mechanism improve the response to natural disasters, military and local coordination, completion of strategic-level mobile emergency command platform, pre-stored preset rescue and relief work in key areas in urgent need of supplies and equipment, the preparation of the revised group over contingency plans for rescue and relief forces military and civilian disaster relief organizations as joint training, speech, and comprehensively improve the rescue and relief capacity. Currently, emergency forces have been formed to fight against floods, earthquake disaster emergency rescue teams, nuclear biochemical emergency rescue teams, emergency air transport service team, traffic the electricity emergency rescue team, maritime emergency search and rescue teams, emergency mobile communication support team, rescue team of medical and epidemic prevention, weather protection emergency professional teams 5 million national emergency expertise. Various military commands in conjunction with the relevant provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government), relying on active duty and 45,000 reserve force was founded provincial emergency expertise.
The Chinese armed forces of major disaster relief, and played a vital force and commando role. In 2008, dispatched 1,260,000 troops and militia reservists to fight the Southern serious snow and ice storms, 22.1 million people participated in the devastating Wenchuan earthquake relief. In 2010, invested 2.1 million people to participate in the strong earthquake of Yushu in Qinghai Province earthquake relief, 1.2 million people participated in Gansu Zhouqu large debris flow disaster rescue. Since 2011, the army and armed police were deployed in strength of 37 million people, 197,000 of all types of vehicles (mechanical), 225 aircraft and helicopter sorties, 870,000 militiamen and reservists, to participate in the floods, earthquakes, drought, ice, anti- typhoons and fires, rescue and relief operations, rescued or evacuated 245 people, rush to transport supplies 160,000 tons. Army Aviation helicopter dispatched hundreds of sorties annually responsible for forest and grassland fire prevention, fire fighting tasks and achieve normalization.
Maintaining social stability
The action of the Chinese armed forces will participate in the maintenance of social order in accordance with the laws and regulations, to prevent and combat terrorist activities. The armed police force is the backbone of countries in handling public emergencies, safeguard social stability and the assault force. Issued in August 2009, the People’s Republic of China People’s Armed Police Act, to clear the way of a range of measures and the protection of armed police forces to perform security tasks. Construction of the Armed Police Force maneuver forces, pumping group for active forces troops to supplement the support of police forces and institutions troops at the sudden holding stability and strength system, improve the national anti-terrorism team, provincial the Secret Squadron municipal Secret row, county emergency classes for four of the main anti-terrorism force system. A solid job in the major activities of the security work, strict implementation of site security, personnel security, an important goal of the guards, arteries Let card and city armed patrol tasks. 2011 ─ 2012, to respond effectively to handle all types of emergencies successful handling of multiple violent terrorist attacks, with the public security organs involved in the disposal of 68 cases of hostage-taking and other serious violence, hostage rescue 62 people. Has completed the 26th Summer World University Games, China – Asia-Europe Expo, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit and other major events security tasks, the cumulative use of troops to more than 160 million people.
The People’s Liberation Army sent forces to assist the public security, armed police, the completion of major events security tasks. The army is mainly responsible for preventing terrorist activities, nuclear the metaplasia explosive detection, medical rescue mission, Navy bear exclude waters safety hazards, the task to prevent terrorist attacks from the sea, the Air Force is mainly responsible for the task to defend the major events organized by ground and air safety surrounding areas. In recent years, the People’s Liberation Army took part in the Beijing Olympic Games, the security operations of the 60th anniversary celebration, the Shanghai World Expo and Guangzhou Asian Games and other major events, were deployed in strength of 14.5 million people, the use of 365 aircraft and helicopters, ships, 148, 554 of the radar .
The militia is an important force in maintaining social stability, and to assist in the maintenance of social order in accordance with the law, the unified deployment and command of military organs of local party committees and governments to participate in the security defense, the comprehensive management of social management, major events security actions. Each year, more than 90,000 people to perform such tasks as guardian of bridges, tunnels and railway lines.
In Hong Kong, Macau forces stationed by the Central People’s Government in Hong Kong, Macao Special Administrative Region of the troops, its defense duties in accordance with the law. Hong Kong, Macao Garrison Law provides that the HKSAR Government, when necessary, request assistance from the garrison in maintaining public order and in disaster relief to the Central People’s Government. In Hong Kong, Macao troops timely organization of joint air and sea patrols and annual exercises exercises, maritime the air disaster search and rescue joint exercises involved in SAR Government organizations, successful completion of the Olympic Games in Beijing, Hong Kong Region and Hong Kong, Macao’s return to the celebrations of security tasks.
Safeguard its maritime rights and interests
China is a big country both by land and sea, and the sea is the important space and resources and support for China to achieve sustainable development, the relationship between the welfare of the people related to the country’s future. Development, utilization and protection of the marine, construction, marine power, is an important national development strategy. Resolutely safeguard national maritime rights and interests, it is an important duty of the People’s Liberation Army.
Navy combined with routine readiness to provide security for the country’s maritime law enforcement, fisheries production, and oil and gas development activities, ocean surveillance, fishery and other law enforcement agencies to establish a co-ordination mechanism, to establish perfect Jun Jingmin defense mechanism. Collaboration with local authorities to carry out marine mapping and scientific investigation, construction of marine meteorological monitoring, satellite navigation, radio navigation, and navigation aids, the timely release of information such as the weather and the ship sailed, establish and improve the safety of navigation in the waters under the jurisdiction security system.
Navy ocean surveillance, fishery department held several joint maritime rights enforcement exercises drill continuously improve the command coordination of military and civilian maritime joint rights struggle and emergency response capabilities. In October 2012, held in the East China Sea “Donghai collaboration -2012” joint maritime rights exercise, a total of 11 ships, eight aircraft participating in the exercise.
The border public security force as an important maritime armed law enforcement forces, the exercise of jurisdiction in violation of public security administration of the laws, regulations, regulatory violations or suspected criminal behavior occurred in domestic water, territorial sea, the contiguous zone, the exclusive economic zone and continental shelf. In recent years, the frontier forces to vigorously safe sea area construction, strengthen the maritime border in the Beibu Gulf and Xisha patrol supervision and effective maintenance of security and stability at sea.
Maintain overseas interests
Gradual integration into the world economy as China’s economic interests abroad has become an important part of China’s national interests, and overseas energy resources, maritime strategic channel as well as overseas citizens, legal security problem has become increasingly prominent. Maritime escort, to evacuate foreign citizens, overseas emergency rescue action, the People’s Liberation Army to safeguard national interests and fulfill its international obligations.
Accordance with the relevant resolutions of the UN Security Council and agreed to by the Somali Transitional Federal Government, the Government of China on December 26, 2008 to send naval ships to the Gulf of Aden, Somali waters implementation escort. The main task is to protect the Chinese Air safety of the ship transporting humanitarian supplies by the waters of the ship, personnel safety, the protection of the World Food Programme (WFP) and other international organizations, and to provide security cover as possible for foreign vessels navigating the waters. As of December 2012, a total of 34 ships and warships sent 13 batches, 28 sorties of helicopters, 910 SCS members, 532 batches of 4,984 Chinese and foreign ships escort mission, 1510 mainland China, Hong Kong 940, Taiwan 74 Macao 1; 22 rescue 2 Chinese ships by pirates boarding attacks, rescued by pirates chasing the Chinese ship.
In February 2011, the situation in Libya dramatic upheaval in Libya-funded organizations, companies and staff face a major security threat. The Chinese government has organized the largest evacuation since the founding of New China Overseas Citizens Action, a total withdrawal of 35,860 people. The People’s Liberation Army dispatched warships and aircraft to assist in the return of Libyan personnel. Naval escort mission of the implementation of the Gulf of Aden, Somali waters “Xuzhou” missile frigate went to Libya in waters near the ship to evacuate people trapped in China to provide support and protection. 4 Air Force Emergency flew 40 missions to help people trapped in 1655 (including 240 Nepalese) transferred from Libya to Sudan, pick up 287 people returning from Sudan.

Fifth, maintenance of world peace and regional stability
China’s security and development is closely linked with the peace and prosperity of the world. China’s armed forces is always a staunch force for safeguarding world peace and stability in the region, is committed to strengthening military cooperation with other countries to enhance mutual trust in military participation in regional and international security affairs, and to play an active role in the international political and security fields.
To participate in UN peacekeeping operations
China has earnestly fulfilled its international responsibilities and obligations, support and actively participate in United Nations peacekeeping operations. According to the United Nations resolutions and the Chinese government with the United Nations to reach the agreement, China has sent peacekeeping forces and peacekeeping and military professionals, stationed in the designated country or territory under United Nations-led organization implementation of peacekeeping operations, mainly assume supervision of the cease-fire, isolated conflicts and engineering, transport, medical protection as well as to participate in the task of social reconstruction and humanitarian assistance.

In 1990, the People’s Liberation Army sent five military observers to the United Nations Middle East peacekeeping missions, for the first time to participate in UN peacekeeping operations. Sent a peacekeeping mission to the United Nations in Cambodia in 1992, the Corps of Engineers Battalion of the 400, the first dispatch of the organized forces. So far, the People’s Liberation Army participated in 23 UN peacekeeping operations, has sent peacekeeping and military personnel of 22,000 people. China’s participation in peacekeeping operations, all officers and men were awarded the United Nations Peace Medal, three officers and six soldiers in the peacekeeping mission in the sacrifice, was awarded the United Nations Hammarskjöld Medal. Currently, China is the UN Security Council five permanent members of the dispatch of peacekeeping and military personnel up to the country, is the United Nations 115 peacekeepers sent troops to the country to send most engineers, transportation and medical and other protection detachments, is the payment of peacekeeping assessments largest development countries.
As of December 2012, the People’s Liberation Army has 1,842 officers and men to carry out peacekeeping missions in nine UN mission areas. Including 78 military observers and staff officers, went to the United Nations Operation in the Congo (DRC) Stabilization Mission engineers, medical detachment of 218, went to the United Nations Mission in Liberia engineering, transport and medical units to a total of 558 people went to the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon Sapper medical detachment of 335 people, the United Nations Organization Mission in South Sudan Mission engineers, medical detachment of 338 people, went to the United Nations / African Union Mission in Darfur and 315 engineering troops.
Chinese peacekeeping force to carry forward the special ability to endure hardship, to fight, fine style special dedication, high standards accomplish various tasks. 22 years, a total of new, repair more than 10 thousand kilometers of roads, bridges 284, more than 9,000 pieces of mine and all kinds of unexploded ordnance, one million tons to transport materials, transport a total mileage of more than 11 million kilometers, 12 million patient admissions. Staff officers and military observers in the the headquarters work and patrol, to monitor the ceasefire, contacts, negotiations and other tasks showed a highly responsible professional spirit. Engineering troops for a few days and nights of continuous fighting, flat volcanic rock site of 16,000 square meters in Congo (DRC). Transport detachment to Liberia coverage of radiation throughout the country, in Elgin 50 the central transportation security of the United Nations peacekeeping force. Chinese peacekeepers also pave the way for the local population and bridges, maintenance of vehicles, to transport materials Songyisongyao and teach farming technology. Engineering troops to Lebanon own the oblique cross positioning minesweeping law, greatly improve operational safety factor and progress, average daily clear water and discharging an area of ​​500 square meters; to exclude unexploded bombs over 3500 rounds during the conflict in Lebanon and Israel. Went to Sudan’s Darfur engineering unit in place can not have wells played 13 wells. To go to South Sudan, the high standards of the engineering unit built Xie Wu, demobilization, resettlement transition training center, make a positive contribution to the local peace process.
Chinese peacekeepers to abide by United Nations peacekeepers and the Code of Conduct, the rules of engagement, and local laws and regulations, respect local religious beliefs and customs, strict compliance with the provisions of the mission area, and the rules and regulations of the Chinese peacekeeping force to win the trust of the local people.
International disaster relief and humanitarian assistance
China’s armed forces to actively participate in governmental organizations, international disaster relief and humanitarian assistance, relief supplies and medical aid to the affected countries, and sent professional rescue team to the disaster-stricken country rescue and mitigation, providing demining assistance for the countries concerned to carry out the rescue Mitigation international exchange.
Since 2002, the People’s Liberation Army has been the implementation of the international emergency humanitarian assistance missions 36 times, a total value of more than 1.25 billion yuan of relief supplies shipped to the 27 affected countries. Since 2001, the Chinese international rescue team, composed by the Beijing Military District Corps of Engineers officers and men of the Armed Police General Hospital, and the China Seismological Bureau experts have participated in eight international disaster relief operations. Since 2010, the People’s Liberation Army medical rescue team has three times to go to Haiti, the implementation of international humanitarian medical rescue mission in Pakistan Army Aviation helicopter rescue team that went to Pakistan to assist in the fight against floods.
In March 2011, Japan’s powerful earthquake and tsunami, the China International Search and Rescue Team to Japan to participate in the search and rescue work. In July 2011, the occurrence of severe floods in Thailand, the People’s Liberation Army Air Force dispatched four aircraft to the Chinese Ministry of Defense assistance to the Thai armed forces, more than 90 tons of flood relief supplies arrived in Bangkok. In September 2011, the catastrophic floods in Pakistan, the People’s Liberation Army Air Force dispatched five aircraft 7000 relief tents flown to Karachi, the Lanzhou Military Area Command sent a rescue team of medical and epidemic prevention went the hardest hit Kunrui carry out medical relief, health and epidemic prevention work.
China’s armed forces active in the medical services and assistance to developing countries to participate in international medical exchanges and cooperation, enhance the friendship and mutual trust with other countries. In 2010-2011, the Navy hospital ship “Peace Ark” has been to five Asian and African countries and four Latin American countries, the implementation of the “harmonious mission of humanitarian medical services mission, which lasted 193 days, a range of 42,000 sea miles, nearly 50,000 medical services. In recent years, the People’s Liberation Army medical teams also combined to participate in the joint exercise of humanitarian medical, actively providing medical services to the people of Gabon, Peru, Indonesia and other countries.
The Chinese government attaches great importance to the humanitarian concerns caused by landmines, actively support and participate in international demining assistance. Since 1999, the People’s Liberation Army organized demining training, expert on-site guidance and assistance in demining equipment, etc., with the relevant departments of the State to provide demining assistance to nearly 40 countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and over 400 foreign mining training courses name guidance sweep minefields of more than 20 million square meters, the demining equipment equipment donation worth about 60 million yuan.
Maintaining the safety of international sea lanes
Chinese Navy to fulfill its international obligations, normalized escort operations in the Gulf of Aden and the waters off Somalia to carry out exchanges and cooperation with multi-country escort forces, and jointly safeguard the safety of international sea lanes. As of December 2012, the Chinese naval escort fleet to a total of 4 of the World Food Programme (WFP) ship, 2455 escort foreign vessels, accounting for 49% of the total number of escort vessels. Rescue four foreign vessels, take care, pirates release four foreign vessels, and 20 rescued by pirates chase the foreign ship.
Chinese naval escort fleet joint escort, information sharing, coordination and liaison with the multi-national naval establish a good communication mechanism. With Russia to conduct joint convoy operations, joint exercises drills with South Korea, Pakistan, the United States Navy to carry out anti-piracy escort for the ships of the World Food Programme (WFP), in coordination with the European Union. Held with the European Union, NATO, the multinational naval forces, South Korea, Japan, Singapore and other escort vessels commanders embarked on a ship visits, and the Netherlands to carry out the exchange of military officers stationed in ship inspection activities. Actively participate in the Contact Group meeting of Somali pirates, as well as information sharing and international mechanisms to prevent conflict “in defense of the International Conference.
Since January 2012, independent escort China, India, Japan and other countries to strengthen coordination of actions, coordinate their respective quarter-cycle escort schedules, co-ordination escort resources to improve escort efficiency. Reference to the country as the first round of the escort schedule coordination, escort schedule timely publication of the first quarter of 2012, India, Japan, adjust their convoy schedules and plans, the a unified interval orderly convoy schedule. Korea joined independent escort from the fourth quarter national schedule coordination mechanism.
Chinese and foreign armed forces joint training and joint exercise
The PLA persists in non-alignment, non-confrontation and not against any third party principles and strategic mutual, equal participation, on the implementation of the principle of foreign troops to carry out multi-level, multi-domain, multiple branches of the military bilateral and multilateral joint training and joint exercises. Since 2002, the People’s Liberation Army in accordance with the agreement or convention with 31 countries held 28 joint exercises, 34 joint training, and has played an active role in maintaining regional security and stability for the promotion of political and military mutual trust, and strengthen the modernization of the armed forces.

Mechanism for the development of joint anti-terrorism military exercises within the framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. China and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization member states have jointly held nine bilateral and multilateral joint military exercises. From the start of 2005, held a strategic impact, the larger of the operational level of war “peace mission” series of joint military exercises, including “Peace Mission 2005” Sino-Russian joint military exercise “Peace Mission 2007” SCO armed forces joint SCO armed forces in the anti-terrorism military exercise “Peace Mission 2009” Sino-Russian joint anti-terror military exercise, “Peace Mission 2010” joint anti-terror military exercise, the armed forces of the SCO “Peace Mission -2012” joint anti-terror military exercise. Exercises deter and combat terrorism, separatism and extremism, and to improve the SCO member states to jointly cope with the new challenges, new threats.
Maritime joint exercise joint training is expanding. In recent years, the Chinese navy consecutive participated in the Arabian Sea, organized by the Pakistan Peace -07 “,” peaceful -09 “,” Peace -11 “the multinational joint naval exercises. Sino-Russian naval maritime security joint cross combat topic military exercises in the Yellow Sea, China held joint maritime -2012. Chinese and Thai marines held the blue surprise -2010, “blue blitz -2012” joint training. Warship visits Chinese navy binding activities held communication with the navies of India, France, the United Kingdom, Australia, Thailand, the United States, Russia, Japan, New Zealand, Vietnam, Mutual drop formation movement, replenishment at sea, helicopter, fire on the sea, the United escort, boarding and inspection, joint search and rescue, diving and other subjects of bilateral or multilateral maritime drill.

Army joint training gradually deepened. Since 2007, the Chinese army held several joint training with foreign army. Hand in 2007 “was held with the Indian Army,” Join -2008 held “Peacekeeping Mission 2009” joint anti-terrorism training with the Mongolian Army peacekeeping and joint training, and Singapore cooperation -2009 “,” cooperation -2010 “security joint training, Friendship Action 2009, “held at the Romanian Army, the” Friendship actions -2010 “mountain troops joint training, joint training held with the Turkish army assault units. Chinese Army Special Forces and the Thai Army Special Forces assault -2007 “,” assault -2008 “and” surprise -2010 “joint anti-terrorism training with the Indonesian special forces held the” razor -2011 “, the” razor -2012 “joint anti-terrorism training held with Pakistani special forces “Friendship -2010”, “friendship -2011” joint anti-terrorism training, held with the Special Operations Forces of Colombia cooperation -2012 “joint anti-terrorism training. In November 2012, with the Jordanian Special Forces held a joint anti-terrorism training, held with the U.S. Army Joint Indoor deduction of the humanitarian disaster.
Air Force joint training progress. In March 2011, the Chinese Air Force joint training detachments with the Pakistan Air Force held a “the eagle -1” joint air combat training. In October, the cities of China and Venezuela the paratroopers held in cooperation -2011 “joint anti-terrorism training. July 2011, November 2012, China and Belarus paratroopers were held the “Condor -2011, the” Condor -2012 “joint training.
Joint training of health service carried out steadily. From 2009 to 2011, the People’s Liberation Army medical team has been to Gabon and Peru held a joint humanitarian medical rescue action “angel of peace”, to Indonesia to attend the ASEAN Regional Forum disaster relief drills. In October 2012, the People’s Liberation Army medical service unit with Australia, New Zealand Army held a joint exercise of the spirit of cooperation -2012 “humanitarian disaster.
New stage of the new century, China’s armed forces to effectively fulfill the new historical mission, and continuously improve the ability to accomplish diversified military tasks to win local wars under conditions of informatization, resolutely safeguard national sovereignty, security and territorial integrity, a strong guarantee national economic and social development and people live and work, well done series of difficult and perilous tasks and major combat readiness drills and training activities, and to win the trust and praise of the people.
Standing at a new historical starting point, China’s armed forces mission is noble and sacred, important and glorious responsibility. China’s armed forces will always be to safeguard national sovereignty and security, and to protect the interests of the people above everything, always as an important task to accelerate the modernization of national defense and the armed forces, and actively participate in international security cooperation, and safeguarding world peace and promoting common development countries armed forces to work together to create peace and stability, equality and mutual trust, cooperation and win-win international security environment.

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