China has become an official observer of the Arctic Council

The Arctic Conference of Ministers of the Council has been held today. It is learned that the eight member States have made a decision to allow China and other States to accede into Council, thus China has become the an official observer of the Arctic Council.

Meeting background:

On 15th May, the eighth Arctic Council, was held and 8 Member States including the United States gathered in Sweden to discuss whether or not to grant other 14 entities including China to become observer of the council. U.S. President Barack Obama on 12th May announced a 13-page Arctic strategy, suggesting that the Arctic is an amazing place, and advocated the need for States to protect the fragile environment. The Arctic Council is the responsible for the protection of the Arctic environment, and promote the sustainable development of the region in the economic, social and welfare. It was established in September 1996 in the Canadian capital of Ottawa.

Source: Renmin Net(人民网)

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