China becomes a global number one consumer for Global Blue

China becomes the global no.1 consumer for Global Blue

International shopping and consumption expert Global Blue, announced on March 15, 2013 that the amount of tax free shopping from Chinese consumers reached a record 3 billion euros (about 24.4 billion yuan) in 2012, an increase of 58% compared to that of 2011 .

Arjen Kruger, executive vice president of Global Blue said: “in the past six years, Global Blue witness the rise of Chinese shoppers. 2012 is the second year in a row in which China is the no.1 sourcing country of our global shoppers, spending up to € 3,000,000,000. Global Blue is committed to helping Chinese tourists travelling abroad to enjoy cheaper shopping. We not only provide shopping discounts to consumers before departure but also will also update the local latest shopping secret after their reaching the destination. “

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