The China Dream: Xi Jinping’s China Dream (中国梦) 2nd Speech

Xi Jinping's China Dream 2nd speech
Chinese President Xi Jinping

During the closing ceremony of the 12th National People’s Congress held on March 17, 2013, the President of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping delivered a speech.

He said, “In order to build a moderately prosperous society, a prosperous, democratic, civilized and harmonious modern socialist country to achieve the China Dream of great rejuvenation of the nation, we need to achieve national prosperity and revitalization of the happiness of the people, which deeply reflects the Chinese people’ dream today and is in consistence with our glorious tradition.”

“The realization of China Dream must rely on a China way which is socialism with Chinese characteristics. The China way does not come easy, it is originated from the great practice of reform and opening up for the past 30 years and 60 years of continuous exploration since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, as well as the course of 170 years of the development of the Chinese nation in modern times…”
“The realization of China Dream must rely on the spirit of China which is based on patriotism and spirit of reform and innovation. This spirit is the soul of rejuvenation of the country. Patriotism is always a strong Chinese spiritual strength, reform and innovation has always been a motivational factor and spiritual strength to keep up with the reform and opening up…”
“China Dream must reply on the united strengths of China which is the power of the great unity of the Chinese people of all ethnic groups. The Chinese dream the dream of the nation, is the dream of all Chinese people. We need to unite closely with one heart and one mind, and strive to achieve a common dream, and realize the dream of powerful force and offer all the Chinese people in this great era the opportunity to live their colorful life and have their dreams come true…”

“The China Dream fundamentally is the dream of the Chinese people, the realization of the China Dream closely relies on the people’s effort and in return benefiting the people.” He said.

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