China Dream: President Xi discussed with representatives of the national model workers

President Xi discussed with representatives of the national model worker
On the eve of the Labor Day, Chinese president Xi Jinping made ​​a special trip to the authority of the National Federation of Trade Unions, to visit the country model workers in celebrating the May Day with the national model worker during which he talked about the China dream.

After listening to the speeches of the model workers, Xi Jinping said:

“China’s working class should integrate their personal ideals and a happy family life into the prosperity of the country, which contributes to the national rejuvenation. Personal dream and the dream of China are closely linked together, we should act as the foundation of the country, carry forward the spirit of the model, act as the masters of the country to uphold and develop socialism with Chinese characteristics. Society as a whole shall respect for labor, respect knowledge, respect talent, principles and respect for creation, maintenance and development of the interests of workers, and protect the rights of workers. At the same time, social fairness and justice should be adhered, thus achieve full and decent development for workers.

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