China becomes no.1 source of International Students

china international student

Consolidated Report by According to the Xinhua News, from 1978 to the end of 2012, China’s total number of students studying abroad amounted 2.6447 million, making China the world’s largest source of International Students.

Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange revealed in Beijing that in 2012 the total number of Chinese students studying abroad reached 39.96 million, out of which 13,500 were funded by the Chinese government, 11,600 were sent by companies and organizations, while the rest 374,500 were self-funded. The number of international students from China is ranked the first in the world.

The top destination countries of Chinese international students are United States, Australia, Japan, Britain and Canada, Chinese international students studying in these countries accounted for 74% of the total number.

Currently, the majority of students studying abroad are concentrated in the United States, Australia, Japan, Britain, Canada and other countries, in the above five countries overseas students studying abroad accounted for 74% of total number.

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