China advocates ten air pollution control measures

pm2.5 beijng
Consolidated Report by Recently, the State Council of China held an executive meeting and deployed ten air pollution control measures to adjust and optimize the economic structure:

First, reduce pollutant emissions through comprehensive renovation of small coal-fired boilers, accelerating the dust desulfurization and denitrification in key industries and elimination of cars with high level of pollutant emission.

Second, strictly control the expansion of production capacity of the high pollution and high energy consumption industries

Third, vigorously promote clean production and public transport to achieve reduction of the main atmospheric pollutants emission by 30% or more to the end of 2017.

Fourth, accelerate the adjustment of energy structure, increase clean energy supplies such as natural gas and coal methane.

Fifth, strengthen the constrain effectiveness of the energy-saving environmental indicators by disapproving projects which can not pass the environmental evaluations.

Sixth, enhance the pollution charge collection, strengthen international cooperation to cultivate environmentally friendly and new energy industries.

Seventh, formulate or revise emission standards, Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Act and other laws to enhance mandatory disclosure of environmental information in key industries.

Eighth, strengthen the PM2.5 governance in major cities by setting up the relevant assessment systems.

Ninth, integrate pollution weather into local government emergency management.

Ten, advocate environmental protection, green consumption, universal participation in environmental protection and supervision.

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