Chi-ling Lin’s shaved head in upcoming action movie “Switch”




In a series exposed posters of the 2013 upcoming Chinese action movie “Switch”, Chi-ling Lin with a shaved head image, holding prayer beads and standing in the temple is quiet and but still charming in another way. When it comes to this, the director Sun Jianjun much appreciated Ling’s professionalism: “I was worried previously that she may not agree with the image of baldness, but she readily agreed which I really admire.”

Movie Profile

Traditional: 天機:富春山居圖

Simplified 天机: 富春山居图

Mandarin: Tiān Jī: Fù Chūn Shān Jū Tú

Cantonese: Tin1 Gei1: Fu3 Ceon1 Saan1 Geoi1 Tou4

Directed by: Jay Sun

Starring: Andy Lau

Studio: China Film Group
Pegasus Entertainment
Media Asia Films
Phoenix Satellite Television

Distributed by Hong Kong: Media Asia Distribution

Release date(s): 9 June 2013

Country/Region: China,Hong Kong

Language : Mandarin

Budget: ¥160 million

Source: 腾讯(

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