How to chase a Chinese girl?

How to chase a Chinese girl1

First impression (the beginning of contact with a Chinese girl)

1, The most critical thing is to show your determination and positive ambition in business or career.

Men’s greatest charm lies in the their work, you may not be successful enough but you have to let her feel that you are a self-motivated person with positive ambition in business or career. Others are nonsense, you can make anything vague, you have to tell her that you are confidence in the future, you are not satisfied with the status right now, and you’ve got a long-term plan, in short, your future is not a dream.

2. Show confidence, sense of responsibility

Do not act like a child, the girls are lazy and hoping to find a dependent, you have to come up with confidence and sense of responsibility.

3. Do not be too serious, but not too casual

Be decent in some occasions, come up with humor in others. Girls like a man with a sense of humor, so do not look you are concerning about anything, that is too rigid.

4. Be mature

Stay calm, girls like a man with everything in control.

To expand further contact

1. Don’t rush, and don’t make your attention so clear
Think about it, most girls will not have a crush on you, but they will not hate you at the first glance, so patience is still a virtue, my friends.

Unless you look like Chow Yun Fat, Andy Lau or Kevin Costner, the first impression will make you understanding.

2. A low-profile beginning

All relations begin with “friend”, so make a friend first and keep a low-profile for the very beginning. Never mention so direct or repeat the “I love you” in particular when she is a school girl with typical traditional Chinese thinking.

Resist you? !
That is possible, by making a friend first can reduce the psychological pressure of the girls. And do not fantasy she will agree to get married in three days.

Make full exchanges, understanding, feelings is not created in vacuum.

3. Normal interactions, should not be too impatient
During the chasing of a Chinese girl, you need to make a balance of chasing and relaxing. Don’t chase too hard, let her be alone for a while will make your chasing more effective.

4. Create opportunities

Ask someone with recent experience, do create scenes that fit in the preference of the girl, thus an in-depth understanding of the girl is a pre-condition.

5. Avoid giving out gifts

Chinese girls will in many cases consider accepting gifts from strange man as acceptance of the chase. Thus, don’t push too hard to sell your little gifts, in particular valuables.


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