Name change of Jingdong Mall to avoid being kidnapped by Baidu

Name change of Jungdong Mall to avoid being kidnapped by Baidu


March 27, the the Jingdong Mall has recently puts a new domain name ( into use. Jingdong CEO Liu Qiang Dong, said in an interview a few days ago that "The current domain name does not comply with the typing habits of Chinese people, and it is too long to input its Chinese full name,i.e. Jingdong, thus Jingdong decided to change its domain name to the abbreviation”

According to the relevant surveys, a lot of consumers said that they can not remember the domain name. But it is also reported that the main reason behind this namr change is due to the large amount of money that Jingdong is unwilling to pay to the search engine, majorly the in China. Jingdong CEO Liu Qiang Dong is quoted as saying that “once a search engine controls 20 to 30 percent of the flow of customers, you will have to pay any amount of money that the search engine has asked for.”

From paper, is a perfect new domain that fits in the typing custom of the Chinese people but the CEO has been too ideal in this name change case. Looking back to the no.1 online shopping mall, its domain name is full Chinese name but it has never plan to change to a simpler name such as One more case that is even evident is that years ago Google had promoted its claimed world shortest domain name in China. Several years have passed, most Chinese people have learnt the word google, but few of them remember the once heavily promoted name There is no so called ideal name, those being remembered lastly are successful but not necessarily short in length.

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