CDIA: Quality of domestic baby formula is better than imported ones

According to Voice of China “CNR News” report, at present, food safety issues have attracted much criticism, in particular after the 2008 Chinese milk scandal the dairy industry in China has been going all the way down. There is growing concern and preference over the imported milk powder, and people dare not to buy the domestic milk powder products. In this regard, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the China Dairy Industry Association yesterday held a press conference in respect of the quality of domestic and imported infant formula milk powder to provide an explanation of the relevant issues.

Liumei Ju, vice chairman and secretary-general of the China Dairy Industry Association, said before the press conference that in an earlier time a third-party inspection agency had been commissioned by the China Dairy Industry Association to perform a baby formula milk powder quality survey in Beijing and areas around the capital city covering domestic and imported baby formula milk powder products. Random sampling of 25 brands covering: 

Domestic production of domestic brands X 13;

Domestic production of foreign brands X 3;

Imported brand X 9.

Number of test indicators had reached 20, including major nutritional indicators include protein, fat, carbohydrates and five, microbial indicators including coliforms, Salmonella, Staphylococcus aureus and other five, as well as some minerals indicators and indicators of pollutants and so on.

The test results show that, all the 13 domestic production of domestic brands and 3 domestic production of foreign brands were all in compliance with the requirements of the standard, the actual test values were also very good among these domestic manufactured brands. In case of the 9 imported brands, three brands failed to meet the standard. One failed to meet the proportional relation of lactose and carbohydrates requirement and the proportional relation of calcium and phosphorus requirement while the other two failed to meet the proportional relation of calcium and phosphorus requirement. 

The conclusion of the quality investigation showed that the quality of domestic manufactured baby formula milk powder is even better than imported products. In term of price, the price of imported brands is nearly double of that of the domestic brands.

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