CCTV “News Network” lifted the boycott of Chinese football during the 2013 AFC Champions League Final


Beijing time on November 9, in the AFC final second leg match, Guangzhou Hengda (Guangzhou Evergrande Football Club) achieved 1-1 draw against FC Seoul. Despite a total score of 3-3, with away goal advantage Guangzhou Hengda (Guangzhou Evergrande Football Club) beat the opponents and became the AFC Champions League.

During the 21:00 reply of the CCTV “News Network” (the most watched news program in China), the central television switched the signal to the live game of the AFC final second leg match and briefed the first half of the match. After the brief broadcast , he CCTV anchor also recommended the audience to continue watching of the live game through the CCTV sport channel CCTV5.

It is learned that in 2008, in the closing stages of the 2008 Chinese Super League the CCTV “News Network” had suddenly stopped the broadcast of any news related to the Chinese football due to the really bad performance of the Chinese football teams as well as the Chinese National Football Team. Now it seems that the CCTV “News Network” has lifted the boycott of the Chinese football.

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