CCTV Financial Channel host Li Yu Fei got trapped in the stock market

cctv stock program Host Li YuFei
CCTV Finance Program Host Li Yufei

On May 13, in a conference room of the CCTV Media Center apartment, CCTV Financial Channel invited more than a dozen media reporters to participate an interview with well-known hosts including Wang Xiaoya, Chen Weihong, Li Yu Fei Xie Yingying and Ouyang Chi Wei.
From the outsiders, CCTV Financial Channel host Li YuFei who presided over the “transaction time” and “market analysis room” which are both professional financial programs, may be able to easily get some inside information and earn money from the market. But the fact is that, Li Yu Fei also had experience of being trapped in the stock market and suffered great loss.

“I am also a investors, I also loss a lot of money in the stocks. Before hosting this program I still had some money, after hosting this program, I discovered that even my dowry money had gone.“ CCTV Financial Channel host Li Yu Fei said in response to a reporter’s question.

“After I started to host this program, a lot of people will ask “do you have any internal news?’ I will reply that I can not answer, what I know I’ve already said in the show, what I did not know, the experts would not say. ” Li Yu Fei said, “in the stock market, if you still want to buy the shares according to some messages, your loss probability is 99%.” said Li.

Source: 北国网-半岛晨报

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