CBA senior management: Tracy McGrady has eye-catching data, but can’t help with the team performance

Tracy McGrady cba

Tracy McGrady faced embarrassment: No CBA teams make him an offer

After McGrady announced his retiring from NBA, he also expressed a willingness to return to the CBA to continue his career. At the same time, the preparation works for the CBA new season are underway with various clubs picking up their favorite foreign players. Behind the busy ongoing works, it seems puzzling that without exception both strong teams which entered the playoffs last season and the underdogs at the bottom the league, all show no interest in signing Tracy McGrady.

In the eyes of management of many CBA clubs, McGrady is never their first choice. Despite McGrady’s seemingly excellent performance last season which was very eye-catching, but base on his current present physical condition and the competitive state, it is no way that he can help with the whole team through his personal good performance, e.g. lead a team into the playoffs, and even go further.

A CBA team executive said, “Why do we have to sign Tracy McGrady? After last season’s performance, we have already seen that even though his performance is still very eye-catching, but there is no opportunity that he can help the team to go further.”

And another CBA club manager provided an explanation for this situation, “Honestly, now CBA teams in the selection of foreign aids are more rational than at the early time when a team can rely on the reputation of a big-name player to improve team performance. Now beside personal skills, the contribution to the team performance is more evaluated while picking up foreign players.”

What is more, a most straightforward answer was given like this “The price he (Tracy McGrady) asks is too high. With $2 million, we can sign two very good foreign players, apparently it is not very

As a former NBA player as well as a Houston Rockets star player, absolutely Tracy McGrady still as high popularity in China. But with the bad team performance of Qingdao team where Tracy worked for in the last season, what Tracy McGrady finally brought was just a beautiful bubble.

Nevertheless, McGrady still a star player and some CBA clubs are still in contact with him. However, things are not optimistic when Tracy McGrady made the offer of $ 2 million, most CBA teams are scared off.

Source: Tencent Sports

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