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Southwest China (Region)

Southwest China (Chinese: 西南地区; pinyin: Xīnán) is one of the seven major geographical regions in China divided by both physical and human characteristics. In fact, the classification is clearly stated in the Middle School textbook ‘Physical geography of China’ (see below). At the same time, this regions is part of bigger West Regions defined by economic geography.

Man thrown out from window of sleeper bus and killed in Chengdu

On May 28 morning, a cleaning worker in Chengdu Chengya Expressway near the toll station and found a man laying in blood, but could not see any vehicle or clues indicating a car accident. According to the surveillance camera record, the man was thrown out from the window of a sleeper car when the bus made a turn in a fast speed. Police later found the bus in Chengdu but the driver and the passengers all did not know someone was killed during the driving.