Northwest China (Region)

Northwestern China (simplified Chinese: 西北地区, pinyin: Xīběi) is one of the seven major geographical regions in China divided by both physical and human characteristics. Northwest China covers 3 provinces (Shaanxi, Gansu & Qinghai) and 2 Autonomous Regions (Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region & Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region).

Exceptionally rare brown panda in Shaanxi

Are all pandas in black and white? The answer is “NO”. According to the CCTV report, Wildlife Research Center in Shaanxi raises a special panda called “Seventh Son, 七仔” whose skin is brown. Experts said that compared with its relatives with only brown spots, “Seventh Son, 七仔” has full brown skin which is exceptionally rare.” Some internet users commented: “it’s time to say goodbye to black and white photos.”