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East China (Region)

East China or Eastern China (simplified Chinese: 华东地区; traditional Chinese: 華東; pinyin: Huádōng) is an east coastal region in China, it is one of the seven major geographical regions in China divided by both physical and human characteristics. In fact, the classification is clearly stated in the Middle School textbook ‘Physical geography of China’ (see below). The East China region consists of 7 provinces (Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Jiangxi, Shandong, Fujian and Taiwan) and 1 city (Shanghai), it is an economically more developed area in China.

Xiamen Customs seized a smuggling helicopter

According to the Fazhi Daily, in the recent years it is not unusual for the Customs to seize smuggled cars, electronics and etc. However, the Xiamen Customs recently found a helicopter which worths millions of RMB in a container which is the first similar case found in China.